Hi Obelix,

Sorry for the delayed reply - travelling at the moment in France.
First thing to mention is that once you start getting nerve issues (i.e. not being able to raise your foot etc) you need to get it sorted asap. You can cause permanent damage to the nerves if you don't get it fixed within 6 months. You definitely need to see a Dr (if you haven't already) and if you do have nerve issues they will do an X-ray first (you have to have an x-ray before an MRI with the NHS) and then send you for an MRI.

As for my location - I'm afraid I'm down in the South West in Devon. The chap I went to see is called Richard Pannell and is based in Plymouth - if you google him you'll find his website. If you can't find anyone local that seems to offer what you want maybe you could give him a call and see if he can recommend anyone in your area. Richard himself isn't a qualified Rolfer - but the lady that works there called Jaqueline is and they both treated me (sometimes both at the same time!) What I found was that actually Richard was better at the treatments as I'm fairly muscular and heavy so I think it was easier for someone stronger to manipulate my muscles. He was actually pretty brutal with his manipulation and whilst it hurt at the time, you kind of knew it was doing you good - so (without being sexist) I'd go for a man over a woman for this type of work every time.

Knowing what I know now my advice would be that when you phone (whoever you think might be able to help) for an appointment ask them specifically if they manipulate the Psoas (pronounced "so ass") muscle. If they say no - or if they say it's not possible (which a lot of people think is the case - including most Dr's) then you've not found the right person. You need to find someone that understands and will manipulate the Psoas muscle (just to warn you that involves a lot of poking and pressing in your groin).

Good luck and I hope you can find someone local to you. If not get yourself a train ticket down to Plymouth have a week or so down there and go and see Richard a few times - obviously I can't guarantee you success but he's the only person I've ever met who actually seemed to know what he was on about and the results backed up everything he said. Oh and don't give up and definitely don't even consider surgery until you've seen Richard (the pain can do funny things to your mind).


Mr C