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Also told me that if I don't, all my teeth would likely be falling out in the next 5 years or so. That was 10 years ago. Bunch of liars and thieves these clowns are.

My wife went through a similar experience. Idiot dentist told all her teeth were going to fall out and she needed to come back later in the day to talk about the work she would need to have done. It was her first experience with a dental scam, and she had many more over the next few months. Finally gave up and drove 90 miles for a cleaning by a dentist recommended by her sister.

You see a lot of so-called dentists advertising in the newspaper nowadays. They usually have coupons and stuff like that. A common trick they lure people in with is something like ***New Patient Special: $99 comprehensive exam and cleaning!***.
Then the patient arrives, they take xrays first, the dentist comes in and looks at the xrays and teeth. The dentist then tells the patient his/her teeth and gums are in bad shape and they need to make an appointment another day to come back for a deep clean. Then he walks them over to meet his scheduler, who uses high pressure sales tactics to sell them a bunch of crap they don't need. Even if the patient resists the sales tactics and decides not to return, the dentist still gets that $99 for services that were really never rendered in the first place.

Q: Secret aspiration?
A: Buy Pezman's mag and turn it into a piece of crap.