Had my myringoplasty 2 weeks ago, and follow up appointment yesterday.

Apparently surgery was ineffective.

There's still a hole there, as evidenced by pressure test to the eardrum. The doctor says he has no idea where the hole is, as looking at my drum it appears the graft has completely taken, and he can't see any hole.

So it's looking like an additional 6 weeks out of the water, followed by another ear surgery, and then another 6 weeks out of the water AGAIN for post op healing.

This whole fuucking thing has been like a bad dream. Completely able to surf physically but having a hole in your f*cking head, that if you get water in will likely get infected and set you back even more months.

Not to mention activity restriction with the surgeries.

Frustrating also is the fact nobody I know has had the surgery, and eardrum surgery seems to be completely unknown within the surfing world for the most part. BaliIdiot, however, has been through the same thing...it sent him packing to NYC (thanks for the PM AB, tried to reply but your box is always maxed out)

Politics aside, greatest fear now is that pending Obamacare implementation, myringoplasty and tympanoplasty will be classified by insurers as "elective."

Sorry for the rant, just for the first time I'm honestly wondering if I'm really ever gonna surf again. Too young for this poop.

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Q: Secret aspiration?
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