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Ya, I know the HB-1 visa has depressed wages in some tech sectors. Usually code writers and other tedious tech tasks. A bachelor or masters degree is needed to even apply for it. But those are limited also. Illegal immigration has no limits on head counts allowed (obviously).

It's why illegal immigrants are now moving into low skilled areas all over the country, instead of just the usual border states. These companies need to be held accountable, and should be targeted for it.

We need e-verify more than ever, and strictly enforced.


Notice how no democrat plan ever has any enforcement mechanism

They don’t want to make employer verify legal status and they don’t want to deport people who are found to be here illegally

Cries of racism are a shield to disguise providing quasi slave labor to their masters

Lol, remember your cult leader has been hiring illegals his entire career.

No one is endorsing that assuming it is factual

Notice that you can’t address the substance of what I wrote

He can never do it. He just sputters buzzwords

My entire existence is a failed gotcha