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The appeal of a frat for adults is high but it’s too socially taboo to enact in real life at this point

There used to be socially acceptable options but they’ve all been infiltrated by women

The Lodge is dead. This is what the idea of the Proud Boys originally was until the true radicals took it over.

It is socially taboo for ANYTHING to be a male-only space. Look at the Boy Scouts

Socially taboo my ass. That's pathetic pussy talk of Hope Solo proportions. Just go to a sports bar, belly up to the bar, and exchange banter. It's not hard. socrazy

Do you know why girls want to join the Boy Scouts? Because so many Girl Scout troops consist mainly of selling cookies like a trollop on the street corner and there are plenty of girls that want to hike and camp instead.

I haven't heard "trollop" in ages. Such a good word. roflmao

Also, ifailalot wants women to stay in the kitchen and take care of the children, which is what they're born to do and what makes them the HAPPIEST and not go hiking and camping.

My wife lives camping and goes hiking to fetch firewood and water.

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You forgot it was STOLEN?!