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#2901742 - 01/21/19 11:20 AM Re: Please Attend My Pity Party [Re: Witchipoo]
Autoprax Offline
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Right shoulder pain could be gall bladder or liver issues.
It's like having sex with a prostitute who doesn't charge you no money.

#2902038 - 01/21/19 10:16 PM Re: Please Attend My Pity Party [Re: Autoprax]
Witchipoo Offline
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I think my shoulder, and the entire left side of my body, was already fucked up before the cancer, and that the surgery just put the finishing touches on it. You may have noticed that in the pictures Randy posted, I'm usually in this weird position where I'm crouching on one knee. That's because my left leg, hip, and lower back are just . . . wrong. When I pop up like a normal person, my left foot drags and I end up back in the crouch and have to get up from there. This has been going on for like nineteen years. I think I hurt it when I was a teenager and it never really recovered. I also walk with a limp when I'm tired, so there's definitely something not right.

Anyway, I'm doing PT every day, and I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow where I'm going to beg for an MRI. This stuff has made me surf crappy for years but it wasn't until I couldn't surf at all that I got motivated to do something about it . . .
. . . and your little dog, too!

#2902042 - 01/21/19 10:33 PM Re: Please Attend My Pity Party [Re: Witchipoo]
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Mucho respect for your attitude with what you've had to deal with. I hope you find a way to get back in the water and enjoy some waves pain free. It may not relate but i'd thought i'd throw it out there - suffered a whiplash type injury on a pretty big day. I came off the lip going backside and did a 10' free fall and didn't get my arms out in front in time. I hit the trough face first and it felt like concrete - immediately got what felt like an electrical shock through my shoulder and arm. Long story short - i spent a lot of time and effort trying to rehab my shoulder - over 10 months - nothing seemed to work. While doing some research online came across some articles describing how shoulder injuries can be symptomatic of neck injuries. So started researching self help articles on neck injuries and came across some routine neck exercises. After a month of incorporating the neck exercises in my daily yoga/stretch routine - my shoulder is pain free. We had planned on a trip back to the US - this month and while there i was going to pick up a shoulder compression sleeve that i could wear while surfing, but because of the results from the neck exercises - decided i didn't need it.

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