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#2914332 - Yesterday at 09:29 PM Re: Can we talk about the keto diet? [Re: HarryLopez]
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Originally Posted By: HarryLopez
Grew up with preserved lemon peel as one of many choices at the crackseed store. This is how we would do it, others had different ways. Get sterilized glass jar and lid. Hot water would get the wax off if there was any, just rinse well if no wax. Pack in jar with layers of salt, layers of lemons. Roll/flip every couple days for week then let sit about 6 weeks. Use the rind for sucking on when throat is sore. Or chop up on chicken or fish. Made a chimichurri like thing as well. Save the leftover salt as well for use. shrug

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#2914336 - Yesterday at 09:35 PM Re: Can we talk about the keto diet? [Re: FecalFace]
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Originally Posted By: FecalFace
It's happening. smile2



I've finally spied one (1) thing that my former yard grows better than yours (other than mold, moss, ferns, mushrooms and salamanders). Rosemary hat

#2914375 - Today at 01:31 AM Re: Can we talk about the keto diet? [Re: the janitor]
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lulz. That rosemary bush was huge but decided to dry out for no reason. I was going to pull it out all together but decided to leave the few green clumps that were left and now it looks like its coming back. smile2
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