ERBB Price: $575
Rob Machado Surfboards
Model: Seaside quad
L: 5' 6"
W: 21 1/4"
Thickness: 2 1/2"
Volume: 32.7 L approx.
Tail: Swallow
Fin setup: Futures 4-Fin. Fins not included. I have a set of NVS Machado Seaside quads for another $80 ($99 new, ridden 4-5x), if needed.

The Seaside is a great addition to your quiver for San Diego surf. This board is fast- flies down the line, and glides around sections, easy to whip around on turns. I've surfed it a few times in knee to head high waves, and it feels a touch too small for me- once I was up and riding, it was a blast. I also have too many other boards I surf more and know I won't use it enough to justify having it sit in my garage, so I really need to thin out my quiver.
These retail for $900+. Try one out a Machado custom handshape for less and see what all the hype is about!
Note: measurements NOT written on board. The guy I got it from said it was a prototype for the Firewire model and has the same dims as their stock 5'6", so that's what I listed. I believe it's a standard stringered PU construction.

FYI- I am 45, 6ft, 180 lbs. and usually ride 31-33 L volumed boards. this board felt a tiny bit too small for me. Depending on your ability and fitness, I'd say this 5'6" should work well for someone 155-175 lbs.

Excellent condition. There are a few normal pressure dents on deck from being ridden. There is one thin spot near the tail but it was like that when I got it and seems to be watertight. Please review photos carefully.

Price is fair, I'm not desperate to sell, so please no lowball offers (they will be ignored).
Pick up in San Diego (I'm in Bird Rock / PB).
Will NOT ship.

I've also got a 5'9" Hydrodynamica (Tomo-shaped) GMM2 in XTR StringerLess construction I will be posting for sale

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