A lot of our political discourse now follows a pattern of not admitting you were wrong and doubling down and digging your heels in, and thus polarizing everything more.

If people admitted they were wrong and tried to learn a couple things and change a little bit more, politics wouldn't be as bad as it is today.

Example: In another thread, "Let's play a game: Debate truthfully", I started the thread with a mischaracterization! I got called out on it, and it made me realize how easy it was to type on an online forum and say misleading things. I reworded by question and I think I got a lot of better responses because of it.

A couple years ago, I remember my girlfriend said that I said something sexist. I mentioned I heard on the radio program and they were discussing about how this woman was naming her kids different variations of her own name. Instead of instantly defending myself and saying I'm not sexist, I asked her what she meant, and she said the whole idea is sexist, because men have been naming their son's their own name for thousands of years (ie. George, George II, George III) and no one batted an eye, but when a woman starts doing it, it gets talked about on the radio. This made me realize, yes the topic was sexist.

So maybe if you're getting called racist, don't get mad and get angry. Take a step back and see what you did wrong and try to learn or discuss the issue. And maybe, don't call someone a racist because they did/say something racist on accident. America, already has a history of racism, and it is built into our society, and will take many many years of active conscious decisions and actions to change.

...but if you keep doing racist things, and shout that you're not racist, but then keep doing more racist things..... maybe you're just a racist?