-Akila Aipa twin fin set: used once like new (two-tone blue), $85 new...$70
-AU fins thruster set: used several times like new (black)...$50

FCS Original:
-GMB-5 Mayhem 5-fin set honeycomb core (Clear/lime green), 1 of the 5 fins has some chipping on the leading edge...$40
-FK-2 keel fin set honeycomb core (orange), brand new...$70
-AM-2 honeycomb core, (orange) like new...$70
-H-3 Nexus 5-fin set carbon fiber (black)...good condition...$70

Single-fins, fin box:
-Fins Unlimited 6.5" cutaway center fin (red), good condition...$30
-Fins Unlimited 7" cutaway center fin (black), good condition...$30
-Fins Unlimited Toby Hawk (Rich Pavel designed) hatchet fin. Pretty rare as far as I know. Good nose riding fin. Good condition...$70

Lok Box:
-Rainbow Fin Co. quad set (R5 4.5" and R8 4.25", clear blue fiberglass)...$50

Loading photos in a PITA here, so if you want photos PM me your cell and I'll text you some. Deals for multiple purchases.