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#2910776 - 02/08/19 02:19 PM Thoughts on nose channels?
xmesa Offline
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I feel like I'm seeing this design idea coming back into style. It's part of Jeff Alexander's designs, I think it was a feature of (link)Mark Thompson's Drongo fish ... and you see it on some of Tomo's boards like the Vader and the Tie Fighter (Barsby's is the only one of those i've ever seen) . Burch is putting them on some of his boards, here's a (link) sweet looking fish on IG from Christopher Clark

how do you think this would this go on a squared off nose like this Nine Lights MB ?(+no center channels like tomo's and cclarky's designs)

#2910796 - 02/08/19 02:33 PM Re: Thoughts on nose channels? [Re: xmesa]
jkb Offline
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I think it makes sense for boards with really low nose rocker (or boards you would like to add nose rocker to without changing entry rocker).

I definitely had some steep drops on my deathstar where I could feel the nose channels preventing the nose from pearling.
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#2910800 - 02/08/19 02:36 PM Re: Thoughts on nose channels? [Re: xmesa]
retodd Offline
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Kinda like old nose rider longboards but on a smaller scale

Only way to find out is get one with and one without

#2910918 - 02/08/19 04:28 PM Re: Thoughts on nose channels? [Re: xmesa]
Zander Offline
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Not sure about channels but I have a board with very heavy nose concave and it provides heaps of lift and stops the board from pearling as easy. Its a 59 and you can almost hang 5 on it lol

#2910937 - 02/08/19 05:05 PM Re: Thoughts on nose channels? [Re: xmesa]
NinjaPete Offline

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My Tomo vanguard has pretty cool looking nose channels, I think it does help with lift when dropping in or turning hard off the front foot. It seems like an feature open for innovation for next level surfers, especially for those who can go switch foot easily.

#2911003 - 02/08/19 07:43 PM Re: Thoughts on nose channels? [Re: xmesa]
toowalled Offline

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Has anybody ridden one of those 9 lights mini bobs?Those boards look nice.

#2911023 - 02/08/19 08:22 PM Re: Thoughts on nose channels? [Re: xmesa]
oneula Offline
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griffin and others do it on longboards for grip and drive
alexander's is more of a 1" deep concave scoop between two vee'd noses.

I never understood its impact without the twin noses which split the planing area up front in two. Like Rex's Manta design which did it in the nose and tail. Plus Jeff's quad is more like a thruster with the rears closer together than a normal quad. Jeff's concave goes through the whole bottom starting at 1" and flattening out to almost flat in the tail though the fins. The compression of the air bubble taken in through the nose and exiting through the tail is what gave it its turbo charge but it was a pretty slippery bar of soap ride that required a special technique of driving off the tail with your back foot and then pushing forward through the nose with your front foot to force the air along the bottom. I have a half a dozen of his gemini's and have made my own compsand versions as well.

With Greg's flat bottoms and sharp rails you could just stay put and drive off the tail and not have to shift your weight like that.

Alexander Gemini Nose Concave

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waSUPcuz? shaka ala n da mooleh bulls..

#2911111 - 02/09/19 08:02 AM Re: Thoughts on nose channels? [Re: xmesa]
Goodfish Offline
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Yeah, on my Vader I always feel the nose channels get it up and planing quicker. Dunno if that's true or not, but that's how it feels...
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