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#2898841 - 01/15/19 05:21 PM Pohnpei | Part 1 | The Antecedents
James -Bummer Jim-Devlin Offline
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#2898849 - 01/15/19 05:48 PM Re: Pohnpei | Part 1 | The Antecedents [Re: James -Bummer Jim-Devlin]
freeride76 Offline
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I sailed from Honolulu to Guam Mar 96, via the Marshalls and FSM.

we spent close to a month on Pohnpei, surfing most P-Pass.

we saw no other surfers, Hamiltons board with a bite mark taken out of it was stapled up near the bar at Rumours.

He was the only surfer we had heard of who had surfed P-Pass.

To be honest, after surfing this insane 1/4 mile long left in the Marshalls, we thought P-Pass was only so-so. It was 4-6ft most everyday.
We were on a yacht moored up in the harbour in Kolonia.
You could buy ready rolled joints at the little shack shops.

Bummed rides out with local fisherman or an Aussie expat who worked in the gov and had a boat and plenty of spare time.

saw lots and lots of reef sharks.

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#2898879 - 01/15/19 07:09 PM Re: Pohnpei | Part 1 | The Antecedents [Re: James -Bummer Jim-Devlin]
otf Offline
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I was there for three weeks with Pepe and Poster. It was just me and poster out at P-Pass.
No surf camps, no shyt nowhere . And a big big swell. My biggest board was a 6'4 . No dice. There was a huge squall came in and scared the shyt out of us.
Me and poster were in his 16 foot boat out in the middle of the pass. It was the boat ride from hell on the way
back. I thought the two of us were dead. In this little aluminum boat
And trying to get back to the harbor. I have video of this crazy boat ride from hell.
Pepe , is the best host ever, and to this day, Poster is one of my very best friends.
That wave is Perfection, when it's on. But with a huge west swell and side shore winds, you better
Know what the FVCK you're doing or you're in trouble. No medical, no rescue and no one to call . At least
When I was there . I got to surf Chuuk, which nobody is allowed to surf , from what I understand. Things may have
changed. Good memories none the less.
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#2898920 - 01/15/19 08:04 PM Re: Pohnpei | Part 1 | The Antecedents [Re: James -Bummer Jim-Devlin]
bruddahkine Offline
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Is Pepe: Sipos and Poster: Dodd?
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#2898924 - 01/15/19 08:14 PM Re: Pohnpei | Part 1 | The Antecedents [Re: otf]
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