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#2890516 - 12/22/18 10:35 PM PVNS, synectomy, cartilage repairs
dirtandrib Offline

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I am looking for advice from those who have had knee surgery on their cartilage and synovium and returned to surf.

I am 42 and ride more hspb in North Carolina beach breaks which tends to accent quickness and good knees.

I just underwent arthroscopic knee surgery to repair what was thought to be just some rough edges on my meniscus but the surgeon found a rare joint disease (PVNS) that causes the synovium to grow tumors and a grade 3 hole in my cartilage. He used stem cells to hopefully repair the cartilage and removed (as best he could) the tumors of the synovium. I am now icing and waiting to start PT.

My future with PVNS is more knee surgeries to clean out tumors (they will likely return) until the PVNS has wrecked the knee to where I need a total knee replacement.

I have had cancer and undergone really aggressive chemo so I am not newbie to unpleasant medical treatments, so I accept pain. But I also tend to rush recoveries and make things worse.

My goal is to surf as long as I can, and if possible my present equipment which is more hpsb equipment.

I am interested to hear any advice from those of you who have dealt with this type of knee surgery and recovery.

#2892424 - 12/30/18 08:09 PM Re: PVNS, synectomy, cartilage repairs [Re: dirtandrib]
squidley Offline
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Tumors are tumors, and they all have the same primary cause .....poor metabolism.

Trust me. I used to have NF1.

"neurofibromatosis type I (NF1) is caused by heterozygous mutation in the neurofibromin gene (NF1; 613113) on chromosome 17q11."

"But squidley, If NF1 is genetically inherited then you can't get rid of it."

Wrong. All tumor diseases, cancer included, happen when the cellular Krebs energy engine stops producing proper energy supplies, and your epigenes lose the ability to seek out healthy genes to code from. I'd venture to say that most of us possess defective genes in DNA locations considered "normal" by the medical community. But, given proper energy sources, our epigenes find healthy alternative genes to code from.

What causes energy loss in the Krebs cycle?

One word ......carbohydrates.

How much carbohydrate do you have to drop in order to cure yourself?

Duh, as much as it takes.

I'm on a purely meat and fat diet .....not because I like it, but because that's what it takes for me.


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