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#2889157 - 12/19/18 12:27 PM Sinus Infections
Phi1 Offline
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Surfing has been a part of my life for over 2 decades now. Along with that have been occasional sinus infections, which usually turn into a sore throat, then upper respiratory infection and generally a week or more of recovery.

I've tried decongestants pre surf, then water pik with sinus attachment + bottled water saline rinse after (they tend to get so inflamed netti pot won't work).

I thought about a nose clip but those fall off in heavy surf.

After my latest sinus episode that featured a bonus ear infection from a fun, sandy closeout barrel session at Scripps, I decided to search for more prevention.

Bought a pair of pro plugs for my ears (ears are partially closed with surfers ear) and found a nose plug called a "sinus saver".

Have used it about 3 times in decent surf (Blacks Saturday for example) and seems to do the job so far. Just wanted to share, not employed or sponsored by the people who make it. May be beneficial for wave pools with the brain eating bacteria risk out there. cheers

#2889185 - 12/19/18 01:05 PM Re: Sinus Infections [Re: Phi1]
rts265 Offline
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I was immune up until the last couple years, now get bad ones every winter, which turns into the other maladies you mention.

I use macks silicon plugs - my ears are good. might look into the sinus saver, but that might take the joy out of it for me.

#2896728 - 01/11/19 07:02 AM Re: Sinus Infections [Re: Phi1]
acnjusa Offline
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got them and thought surfing caused them then they stopped and i'm still surfing so maybe the big 0
wasn't responsible but who knows?

what i did figure out is that they can be bad like real bad so watch out and git to the doc.

#2896859 - 01/11/19 02:24 PM Re: Sinus Infections [Re: Phi1]
BillyOcean Offline
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I started using docs earplugs this year after a bad ear infection

Only took me a couple of sessions to acclimate


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