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#2878438 - 11/21/18 05:21 PM Re: San Francisco this weekend [Re: Racer1]
thekadvang Offline
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Originally Posted By: Racer1
I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve ridden a bus through the city with a 5/4 fullsuit in a trashbag. Little did I know there was a small hole in the bag. No need to worry though as when I got off at Market I fit right in with my wet pants and dragging an ambiguously heavy trash bag. Then handed it off to Peepee as he got on the BART in the worst possible way to return a borrowed wetsuit to a generous erBBer. Must have looked like an odd drug deal. Sorry buddy, but MAHALO!! I owe you.


Rad to meet/surf with ya and doof shaka
All I need is some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine...

#2878581 - 11/22/18 01:59 AM Re: San Francisco this weekend [Re: VaB]
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- Thank you Pee_pee for meeting up, lending me a board and a wetsuit for the whole weekend. Thanks for the ride back after and for linking up for wetsuit tradeoff.
- Thank you Doof for picking me up and loaning me a board.
- Nice to meet you Kadvang. Great talking about work stuff.
- Thank you Doof, Mrs Doof and Janitor for linking up for beers Saturday evening. Lots of laughs.
- Thank you Janitor for the ride to BART.
- Thank you Heelnipstr for the link up, loaning me a board and giving me a ride back after.

Epic weekend guys. Thank you so much. I really owe the erbb SF crew for such generosity. Got in 3 sessions from head high to nearly 3x overhead. Rode 4 different boards. Got in turns and tubes. Exciting place.

Looks like you guys got more waves and light winds coming!

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#2878930 - 11/23/18 03:39 PM Re: San Francisco this weekend [Re: Hdip]
Racer1 Offline
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Originally Posted By: Hdip

I watched the cam a bit yesterday and a bit today. How does OB compare to the size you're used to in Hawaii?

I'd say energy is the same, maybe slight edge to North Shore but only cause the storms are closer. BUT, when you factor in the wetsuit, hood, water temp, fog, smoke, seals, sharks and lack of crowd, I'd say maybe scarier than Hawaii. In Hawaii, it's sunny and offshore and you're in boardshorts and when getting worked you get pushed into channels and deeper water. OBSF death zone keeps you there even pulls you back out from shore to the impact zone - after doing an underwater somersault I came up facing shore but moving back out to sea. Mindfuck.

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#2879971 - 11/26/18 05:56 PM Re: San Francisco this weekend [Re: Mr Doof]
MrDobalina Offline
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Originally Posted By: Mr Doof
A good few days of surf marred by smoke, my job, my aging body, and not enough surf int he preceding two months.

Fun to surf with Racer and thekadvang on what turned out to be the worst day of the 5 days.

And to that one person who thought I wouldn't make the drop, so paddled next to me ever after I said I was going right (someone was going left on the other side of me) and then you pulled out at the last second only to go over the falls, if you were patient, you could have caught the bigger wave behind mine, but no, you had to do what you did..

This describes my session at a nearby left on Saturday and my session at kellys on Sunday

#2884600 - 12/07/18 05:31 PM Re: San Francisco this weekend [Re: VaB]
bluengreen Offline

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Anyone get a session in Thursday or Friday of this week (12/6-12/7)? I mind surfed it while watching the Surfline cam from my desk at work. Looked insane. Mercifully, the swell drops to below 10 feet this weekend when I can actually get in the water.

#2884685 - 12/07/18 08:11 PM Re: San Francisco this weekend [Re: VaB]
Mr Doof Offline
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Went yesterday morning before swell filled in, got denied today.

#2884696 - 12/07/18 08:51 PM Re: San Francisco this weekend [Re: VaB]
heelnipstr Online   content
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3 people rescued in past 24 hrs. one in critical condition. saw a lot of people get denied and a few get some monster barrels. unfortunately I had to get my hair done for the past 2 days pacifier
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