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#2867053 - 10/28/18 01:32 PM Concussion?
squattyfk Offline
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Lip smacked squarely on my forehead while attempting to tuck under the close out after a ride a couple days ago. When I surfaced I was completely disoriented and dizzy for prob 45 mins. Noticed myself spinning/treading in circles for I don’t now how long and then stopped when I came to my senses and thought what the fuq am I doing. Grabbed my board and floated to shore. Eventually crawled out when I wasn’t so dizzy. Getting those slight jarring sensations in my head and a headache off/on. Going to get it checked tomorrow if it doesn’t subside. I’m resting and icing my forehead and neck. And I was just outta the water for 2 months bc of a bad knee sprain. You’re welcome for the fun swells the last few weeks
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#2867081 - 10/28/18 04:05 PM Re: Concussion? [Re: squattyfk]
Duffy Online   content
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Kind of sounds like an inner ear injury.
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#2867870 - 10/29/18 11:57 PM Re: Concussion? [Re: squattyfk]
MelesMeles Offline
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Did you go to the doc?

It sounds to me like you were concussed and TBI and accumulated CTE are no joke. They can even detect or through a blood test when it is recent to the event.

Take it easy.

#2868122 - 10/30/18 02:55 PM Re: Concussion? [Re: squattyfk]
sd_101 Offline
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I’d take it easy. At the very least sounds like a minor concussion.

They’re scary when they are clearly concussions - memory loss, forgetting what you were doing or saying, lack of focus, etc.

I’ve had my bell rung a few times and still need outside influence to slow down.

Slow down, give it a few days. Have seen people not listen to the head and gotten much more serious injuries a few days later with a simple knock to the head that otherwise would have been ok.

#2871738 - 11/07/18 08:05 AM Re: Concussion? [Re: squattyfk]
SurfDoc Offline
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Not a concussion. Common problem caused by cold water, acute disorientation due to the smack and spin of a wipe out whatever. Sets the middle ear fluids in motion hence the dizziness sensation. Generally subsides in a few minutes but can last up to a day or two. Rarely needs medical attention just rest and recovery. Concussion needs more neurological symptoms like brief loss of consciousness, slight memory loss, impaired cognition, and possible pupil reaction irregularities.
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#2883724 - 12/05/18 11:58 PM Re: Concussion? [Re: Duffy]
xmesa Offline
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Originally Posted By: Duffy
Kind of sounds like an inner ear injury.

#2884469 - 12/07/18 01:11 PM Re: Concussion? [Re: squattyfk]
Mr Doof Offline
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I've felt that way after faceplanting and getting what feels like half a liter of cold ocean jammed up my sinus....insta sinus pressure dull headache.


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