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#2865622 - 10/25/18 04:12 PM Re: that erBB Oct 13th surf day at Torrey Pines? [Re: ocean7847]
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Originally Posted By: ocean7847
thank you, Keenfish. always got the goods on file!

bummer on the weather cancellation. oh well - try again?

words is there might be an impromptu erBB session up here today or tomorrow with a few folks coming into town for one reason or another. I'll bring my water camera juuuuuuuuuuuuust in case...

Without Nep, nothing will happen . Meet & greet and do shots.
Ha!! Keenfish, has everybody on file. Make no mistake.!!!
He's a genius . Super smart and uncle to my boys. He's got the goods on everybody
Here. If you posted it , he saved it. Do NOT FVCK with Keenfish
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#2865657 - 10/25/18 05:13 PM Re: that erBB Oct 13th surf day at Torrey Pines? [Re: ocean7847]
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man, i am so far in left field.... only way for an erBB meetup out here ever is if b5f gives up on that weak onshore danish coast that prolly doesn't even have enough pitch to foil in.

oh well, guess i got to meet the hemp hoodlamb guy in Amsterdam, and the helicopter pilot guy from germany with thise bending stringerless surfboards.... what were their names?

fook me... roflmao smokin roflmao

one day.
roscoe jones

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