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#2865607 - 10/25/18 03:14 PM Re: Slater on Joe Rogan Podcast [Re: surfshot]
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#2865658 - 10/25/18 05:18 PM Re: Slater on Joe Rogan Podcast [Re: surfshot]
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having a surfer do a corporate pep talk is like inviting a chipmunk to an ice sculpting festival.
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#2865773 - 10/25/18 08:08 PM Re: Slater on Joe Rogan Podcast [Re: Random Guy]
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Originally Posted By: Random Guy

Earlier this week I listened to mick fanning do a talk for the company I work for.


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#2866484 - 10/27/18 07:57 AM Re: Slater on Joe Rogan Podcast [Re: Autoprax]
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I thought the Slater interview was pretty good. I thought Slater did a good job keeping his surfing stories simple enough for non-surfers to understand. I listened to just about all of it. I tend to skip through or fast forward a lot of Rogan's podcasts.

Originally Posted By: Autoprax
Rogan interrupted KS a lot too.

Some of my favorite podcasts of his is when he has comedians on, but dang he'll interrupt every funny story and sometimes the guest doesn't gets a chance to finish the story.
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#2866504 - 10/27/18 09:16 AM Re: Slater on Joe Rogan Podcast [Re: surfshot]
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Sometimes he disagrees for no reason.

That is a bad habit.

I really have to watch when I do that.
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#2867002 - 10/28/18 11:42 AM Re: Slater on Joe Rogan Podcast [Re: surfshot]
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carolla is so much better at letting the guest talk. i xan understand interrupting if its boring
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