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#2866906 - 10/28/18 01:54 AM Re: $300 Foils made in China??? [Re: Hdip]
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Ive only ridden Slingshot so far. I wasn’t stoked on the H2 or H4 I owned but I tried the 76cm as a demo and it was really really good. So much lighter than the original wings, and just much nicer for me. Pretty big wing, so makes slop an easy mark. I would def buy their stuff with the new wings, but unfortunately I got in a bit early...

I got some really nice, though shortish beachies today...nice clear peaks that backed off into a gutter so the big ones were reforms and the small ones had ripbowl walls. I wouldn’t have had a good time surfing.

I took out the big wing and was flying nicely, able to pump ahead and get into the shorebreak from behind. Not a turner though....I think this is enough wing for me to downwind/dock start/pump on the flats but not so good for a tighter style of wave. It did go well catching the flat rubble from behind a reef the other day though.

The smaller wing was way better in the surf. I got my first couple of fly down the line waves (in control) and pumped off the back with some speed and control. I used the higher aspect stabiliser today as the Takuma style one is super hand-brakey (though stable). I can’t turn yet, except for a bit of steering so I’ll reserve my judgement!

I’m riding a 5’2” that I shaped but I’m going to shape a super light one with a concave deck probably a bit shorter.

#2866995 - 10/28/18 11:19 AM Re: $300 Foils made in China??? [Re: Hdip]
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Originally Posted By: Hdip
You stick a foilmount on the board you want to use. Then you screw the foil into that track system.

Yes and no.

Yes-Cheapest way to get into foiling is buying one of these stick on mounts to a cheap board or one you already use, a normal surf board.

No-The tail rocker shaped into just about every "surf" board will change the pitch of the wing in relation to the deck of you board. It's like trying to foil while doing a "wheelie" the whole time. I'm sure you can get used to it, but I tried one and it didn't feel comfortable. You want your deck level when flying.

#2871232 - 11/06/18 01:02 AM Re: $300 Foils made in China??? [Re: casa_mugrienta]
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On cheap Chinese no-name foils, be careful. Factories making them are also making foils for known brands, and to avoid potential trouble (legal or lost business), they change things so that they are not exact copies of one specific foil. Most of the time, they mix wings and stabilizers from different brands they manufacture for, with unpredictable results on the water.

Try to get feedback from previous buyers before ordering.

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