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#2802317 - 06/02/18 10:30 AM Re: CUSH space sticks [Re: oneula]
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Originally Posted By: oneula
I have a bunch maybe three
Very hi-tech
original concocted by Greg's crazy shaper friend Mike Croteau
Currently run by Jim Richardson and Jeff Johnson both who used to shape for T&C when they had an insane stable of shapers.
Jim is a professor at the school of business at UH

The old design was a unidirectional carbon wrapped core of blue XPS foam shaped in the form of a car spring where the thickness, length and width controlled the amount of flex. Over this was glued polyethylene foam often used in the packing of electronics.
These blanks are then somehow shaped and covered with rubber/plastic spray coating to seal the board.

The current design uses the same material that they use on the bottom of the wavestorms and new boogie boards which is supposed to be very fast the deck still have a soft skin but the bottoms are harder and much slippier. The cores are now eps versus xps because of the delamming issues with XPS.

Its everything Tom Morey said we'd need in a surfboard in the 70's before he invented the boogie. I still have that surfer magazine article which introduce his soft surfboard and air injected surfboard ideas with lenny. Tom and Jim are still heroes of mine. Croteau would have been another had I heard of him back then, but some of his shapes are insane.

6'8" mini gun on the right Brazilian shaper

10' Fun Gun on the top

Surflight Technology

That middle board in the bottom photo looks sick! jam_on
I knew my eggs was headed for dat big omelette in da sky!

#2802365 - 06/02/18 12:59 PM Re: CUSH space sticks [Re: Ineffable]
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^^^That description of the skin is old. ^^^^^
They don't use bodyboard skin.
The skin is more like vinyl and it has a soft feel to it.
Like they said, it's like a steering wheel soft but with an epoxy surfboard inside.

#2897018 - 01/11/19 08:34 PM Re: CUSH space sticks [Re: Ineffable]
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Heres the foilsurfboards being made with the Cush tech softskin

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