Today, my contribution to nothing is a short list:

1 Rode my bike to work today without wearing something warm on top half of my body

2 Looked at Jupiter through the telescope last night. On high power, can see the bands of clouds, 4 moons and the Red Spot.

3 Having iced espresso right now.

4 Had a can of Olympia last night at the corner pub....tasted like highschool.

5 So warm at the beach yesterday there were men and women wearing skimpy swimwear with some even wading into the ocean up to their knees. Super nice mirage made it possible to see Pt Reyes from the wet sand and Bolinas had the 100 foot vertical cliff look.

6 Bix the Cat caught two mice and ate them while I was planting tomatoes and pruning the apple and pear tree. Poor critters made squeak toy sounds before he finally chomped them to death.