Northern Peru January

Posted By: connor30

Northern Peru January - 11/22/18 09:39 PM

Going to Northern Peru for 3 weeks in January...will spend a few days in Lima and then fly into TYL and posting up in Mancora. Any suggestions or tips would be great
Posted By: acnjusa

Re: Northern Peru January - 11/22/18 09:59 PM

trujillo is a fun town.
mancora rocks.
so does cabo blanco but the crowd there is serious.

aiso, you chose a good time to go surf-wise.
Posted By: Hdip

Re: Northern Peru January - 11/23/18 12:26 AM

I spent the last week of December in Mancora once. Really fun. Like Malibu in reverse. Since that trip I've seen pictures of Lobitos and wish I had gone there.

Pacasmayo was really fun. It would be especially good if you kite surfed I bet.
Posted By: acnjusa

Re: Northern Peru January - 11/23/18 12:42 PM

also i think there is always offshore surf thats always in Pacasmayo.
Posted By: acnjusa

Re: Northern Peru January - 11/23/18 02:59 PM time....Mancora disappeared....along with the entire a huaico.....which is when the Andes
fall to the sea taking everything......buses, cows, refrigerators, mud, rocks.

the break reappeared after a while and all is well.
Posted By: byoda

Re: Northern Peru January - 11/26/18 08:53 PM

just got back spent 6 days in mancora 5 days right in front of the main break in Lobitos apparently once the north swells start hitting the sand at lobitos gets funky shutting down the break til may not to worry there are soooooo many breaks that handle the north swell mancora being one of them lobitos
is a fantastic wave looked up past the rocks whilst waiting for a set and saw a guy getting perfectly slotted in a totally round cavern at El Hueco a little beyond my skill level at my age surfed every day
2-3 sessions top notch surf trip
Posted By: acnjusa

Re: Northern Peru January - 11/28/18 09:19 PM

i bet the jaws contest swell shows up there right nice.
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