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Design Forum
06/20/19 09:28 PM

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Surfer Discussion
06/20/19 08:46 PM
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06/20/19 08:39 PM
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Design Forum
06/20/19 05:52 PM
Anybody try Roberts Biodiesel yet?

Looks super sick. Roberts has been ripping on it.
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Surf Doc
06/20/19 02:17 PM
Jump to new posts . [by squidley]
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Surfer Classifieds
06/20/19 08:06 AM
5'4" Fox Wave Weapons surfboard retro old school San Diego On Ebay
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06/19/19 12:17 PM
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Surfer Classifieds
06/19/19 04:38 AM
Wtb. Lemme know what u got
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Surfer Classifieds
06/18/19 03:59 PM
Like New (used twice) - $45.00 plus $5 shipping within US.

From NVS website:

The Apex JL Thruster surfboard fin is a medium sized template, available in both FCS and Futures base. A highly functional template designed to cover a wide range of conditions and surfing styles. With more surface area than the NV-5.2s the JL's will provide increased drive and control down the line and through turns without feeling rigid. We thinned out the trailing edge and tip of this template ensuring plenty of release when desired. One of our most progressive, versatile thruster sets.

We're releasing the JL thruster fins in our Apex Series construction; made with a solid piece of precision foiled G10 fiberglass for the ultimate in performance and durability.The combination of highly durable material and precision foiling yield a fin that is stronger and has a more ideal flex pattern than your traditional honeycomb or composite fins.

G10 is made by compressing layers of fiberglass and epoxy resin and baking it an autoclave to have the maximum strength of any fiberglass available.

Size: Medium - Large
Weight Range: 145 - 195 lbs / 65 - 88 kg
Base: 4.35 inch / 11.0 cm
Height: 4.56 inch / 11.6 cm
Area: 15.12 sq inch / 97.5 sq cm
Sweep: 34.1 degrees
Foil: Flat SeriesIII
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Surfer Classifieds
06/18/19 08:10 AM
Hobie Vintage 6’7” Peter Daniels Model Double Bump Single Fin Surfboard On Ebay
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06/17/19 09:11 PM
If so, how?

And if all the manufacturing were to return to the Do we have the infrastructure? Do we have the workforce? Do we have the ability and willingness to pay WAY more for virtually everything?
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Surfer Classifieds
06/16/19 08:10 AM
Vintage 1969 Jacobs Shrimp Surfboard Classic Surf On Ebay
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Surfer Classifieds
06/15/19 09:22 PM
In nearly flawless condition. 5-10 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/2. 31.8 liters. Futures.
Barely a pressure dent.
Located in NJ, but can ship


Cash, PayPal or Venmo
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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06/14/19 04:30 PM

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Surfer Classifieds
06/14/19 08:17 AM
Vintage Hobie Surfboard Longboard 9'6" Late 50's Early 60's On Ebay
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