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06/16/19 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by 1whoknows
Originally Posted by GromsDad
Originally Posted by 1whoknows
Originally Posted by GromsDad
They are free to go back where they came from.

Who do you care about? Whose welfare doesn’t concern you?
Do you believe in Jesus? In God? Will you be judged by God?

Deeeeep thought..............

I believe in the law. That we have laws for a reason. That laws should be followed.
. These people are in the us legally, within the law. We’re killing them legally. We’re legally undermining their dignity.

You’re a slug. A slimy, vile human slug, and you have no insight into that fact. You take and take, with no gratitude.
You’re already in hell, you just don’t know it.
It will never be too late for you, but you have to want redemption

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06/16/19 12:37 PM
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Surf Doc
06/16/19 12:36 PM
Take magnesium.
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06/16/19 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by grapedrink
Originally Posted by Leaverite
Originally Posted by casa_mugrienta
California is on it.

They already have a plan to euthanize them that's working through Sacramento even as we speak - it outlaws common types of rat poison.

Using typhus and bubonic plague to deal with the homeless problem - genius!

I believe California has a plan to round them all up and put them to work building the high speed rail line.

Live where you work shrug

Carbon neutral living
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06/16/19 08:10 AM
Vintage 1969 Jacobs Shrimp Surfboard Classic Surf On Ebay
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Surfer Discussion
06/16/19 07:21 AM
thanks! giusepppi eisonhawk would approve rockin
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06/16/19 05:44 AM
Originally Posted by squidley
Originally Posted by FecalFace
Originally Posted by squidley
Originally Posted by Autoprax
Big money is winning.

The wealth is accumulating at the top.

Which is fine.

But I don't get the socialism phobia.

Why don't you ask citizens of the Soviet Union?

P.S. I'm not jealous of people who have more than I do. I just want the freedom to try.

You have to go 40 years back to find an example of socialism?

You keep using that word and you have no idea what it means.

You can't elect a socialist because there's no elections in socialism.

Warren even calls herself a staunch capitalist.

Socialism doesn't exist anymore.

You need to find another scary thing from the past to screech about.

Please school us then, wise all-knowing potentate. And talk down to us while you do it.

As if I needed to explain this..... I used the Soviet Union as an example of a socialist nation because it existed long enough to FAIL. Conditions inside Venezuela are untenable. Its economy has collapsed and the black market is taking control, just like the USSR before it failed.

Warren can call herself whatever she wants, but "student loan forgiveness" is a wealth redistribution program .....socialism. Her statement simply means she's also a liar unusual for a socialist.

Yes, there are no elections AFTER socialism gets imposed. Elect a socialist and elections cease to exist.

If you aren't a socialist then why are you defending socialism and socialists so vehemently?

I knew that VANAZAULA will make an appearance. Grasping for straws. A socialist country that hasn't existed for 40 years and a socialist country that soon won't exist.

Warren wants what every developed capitalist Western country in the world has.

That's not socialism.

You need to find another boogyman.
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Surfer Discussion
06/16/19 05:30 AM
Carbon neutral.

Every pro competing has non carbon neutral equipment. They fly to these events in non carbon neutral airplanes.

They all walk around in non neutral produced clothing. When you crease a board in a sesh, you should at leat be made to surf that board out until the end.

For the environment.
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06/16/19 03:58 AM
Originally Posted by i_shapes
There was a fair amount about this in the media at the time. I'm sure you can still find it on-line. There was much puzzlement because Jay's ratings were very high at the time he was let go. I don't believe they have been equaled since. By anybody. The Obama jokes seem pretty mild/standard.

I don't doubt that. I did hear (or read, can't recall exactly) an interview with Leno where he blamed it on age, and said it was similar to Johnny Carson being phase out. Maybe he was just being diplomatic when he said that shrug
Not to say this is the cause, but I wonder how popular those types of shows are these days in the age of DVR, cord cutting, internet TV, etc, even with a good host shrug
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06/16/19 03:52 AM
What did you order, Jeff is awesome
Flatbread construction is dope
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Surfer Discussion
06/15/19 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by Drumsurf
Originally Posted by tenover
Just use a Roland TD-K1. It'll fit in your Prius.

You ride a Chinese Pop out don’t you?

he rode the phuck out of one here in Hanalei ~ roflmao

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Design Forum
06/15/19 10:51 PM
Hey VaB,

I hav'nt had one personally but my good mate has had two of them. Super nice outline in my opinion, feels good under and the feet, not too fishy.

Had a couple of surfs on it, felt super responsive. Flowy but not Drivey, which i guess is what you want in a twin. still went vert pretty well due to there still been a pointy nose on it and a nice sharp swallow. Rocker is moderate so it surfed well on the open face. A good board, although I would straighten it a touch more if you want a more aggresive feeling to it.

I highly recommend checking the DHD Original TWIN out, had one for a good while and still miss it. Super fast and a touch more rocker in the nose which gave it a looser feel, also responded a lot better under pumping than the Pyzel, a lot more drivey too.

Just run big Fiberglass keels in both, me and my mate tried so many fin options and we came down to the ASHER PACEY KEELS and The Futures EN
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Surfer Classifieds
06/15/19 09:22 PM
In nearly flawless condition. 5-10 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/2. 31.8 liters. Futures.
Barely a pressure dent.
Located in NJ, but can ship


Cash, PayPal or Venmo
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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06/15/19 06:07 PM
No conscience at all

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06/15/19 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by Surfdog
Originally Posted by Autoprax
Originally Posted by Surfdog

Trump was a private citizen at the time also, right?

Trump = Steele?

Do you even metaphor bro?

Not sure how you got Trump = Steele out my comment?

More like Trump = Fusion or DNC in their oppo research.

the issue you raise is not relevant

both the DNC and the Trump campaign are effectively NGOs

the issue at hand is that one is accepting support that is overtly being
supplied by a hostile foreign government while the other hired a firm
who subcontracted to a private party to develop opposition research
vis a vis his network of contacts.

some of those contacts potentially also held positions in government in
other countries, including Russia, but they were clearly not collaborating
with steele as part of a top level directive to influence the US election in
furtherance of their national interests.

if anything, any government officials in Russia that may have worked
with Steele did so at great peril.....look at the multiple mysterious deaths
that occurred when this thing started to emerge in the public domain.
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06/15/19 05:47 PM
I'm sure psychology has terms to describe the deeply malicious
rationalizations but since psychology is all fake I won't bother with
enumerating his coping mechanisms....
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Surfer Discussion
06/15/19 03:21 PM
shitty waves anyways. Way better golf.
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Surfer Discussion
06/15/19 02:44 PM
EU user here.
Just use a proxy.
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Design Forum
06/15/19 01:54 PM
Always dug Nathan cause he was also into other stuff like skating and moto. Very good at all.
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06/15/19 11:55 AM
The erBB conservatives only care when D’s do it. They have zero integrity or credibility.
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06/15/19 03:05 AM
Originally Posted by casa_mugrienta
Originally Posted by jkb
^ Broad shoulders

Would not bang.

I do not know what has happened to her as of late but she has fallen quite far from her previous 10/10

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Surfer Discussion
06/15/19 02:13 AM
Feeding tubes can typically go into the upper GI (gastrointestinal) or lower GI tract which is commonly referred to as enteral nutrition support, really this is fairly common and not as invasive at it sounds. The higher in the GI tract the better, as it preserves gut function. Upper GI feeding tubes are commonly referred to as a PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy). Lower GI feeding tubes are commonly referred to as PEJ (percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy). Each method has an indication based on patient condition and integrity of the gut. Each method has formulas developed for optimal nutritional absorption. If the gut can’t be used for nutrition, feeding options to consider are parenteral (outside the GI which is commonly delivered into bloodstream) nutrition support. I’m a registered dietitian and have specialized in enteral & parenteral nutrition for >15 years (most recently, I work in healthcare IT).
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Design Forum
06/15/19 01:40 AM
Originally Posted by ChaseTMP
Originally Posted by waxurDyl
Originally Posted by jkb
Looks awesome waxy!

I tried to get mine changed to the thruster set-up, but it was already at glassing. I'm sure I'll still like the twin/quad set-up.

What fins are you running?

Thanks JKB! Got AM2 TechFlex on the toe and EA glass on the heel and center, felt great in shoulder high today. Possibly go with all AM2 if I need more fin when it gets bigger

You must be in a different South Bay than me. I have seen anything over belly high in over a week.

I drove south and scored....better than anything I’ve seen locally lately
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Surfer Discussion
06/15/19 01:34 AM
[Linked Image]

Unfortunately, there's a large cold patch of ocean just south of Baja stretching down to about 10 degrees latitude.

This cold patch will act like a block wall for any tropical storms to punch thru in the coming weeks. Hopefully it will break down and warm up some by July or early August at the latest.

Until then, only mainland Mexico will see any chubasco surf and/or weather action. wave2
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Travel Forum
06/15/19 12:59 AM
You probably scored!
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