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Travel Forum
06/17/19 09:10 PM
Went to Kauai (6 nights) and Oahu (4 nights) on my honeymoon. Some Husband & Wife activities that should work for you both, and will still put you in the water / near the surf on Oahu are as follows:

1) Sharks Cove on the North Shore just before Ehukai is a well known snorkel spot.

2) Went to go snorkel and hang out at Hanauma Bay, but it was closed on Tuesday with the gate to the area locked. Supposed to be another great snorkel spot and looks like a cool Beach / Bay:

3) Hike Diamond Head. Don't be like the idiots who come in their cheap rubber sandals with no water. The trail gets steep and rocky and pretty hot up there as the crater blocks the wind. The views from the top are worth it and its good excercise.

4) SUP or go Longboarding off Waikiki (Fours, Threes, Canoes, Queens, etc.) Even if your wife doesnt surf, it should be mellow enough that you can paddle out together and just hang out on the boards / in the water.
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06/17/19 08:18 PM
What’s a tonk?
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Surfer Discussion
06/17/19 08:09 PM
Just tell any wiseguy you meet at the airport in San Jose that you want to buy a timeshare.
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Foil Surfing
06/17/19 07:36 PM
after spending a week in Hawaii learning to prone foil I've come to the conclusion that prone foil is WAY easier pump than a SUP..
but having a paddle is great for correcting mistakes and getting back up airborne again...
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Travel Forum
06/17/19 07:23 PM
A little more at size. I surfed it pretty solid 4-6' with some bombs thrown in 10-12 years ago
Super fun
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06/17/19 06:45 PM
Originally Posted by squidley
Originally Posted by manbearpig
No. That’s exactly what he’s doing.

Any economic reaction to the 2020 election is completely speculative.

If I told you to hold your hand directly over a flame would you do it? Why not? You can't prove right now what would happen then. The world could end, and your hand would be spared.

You wouldn't do it because experience tells you that you would get burned, dumbass.

Experience would tell me to wrap my hand around a glass of ice water prior and then bet you 20 bucks I could only hold my hand over it, slowly lowering it until it goes out.

And then I would take your money because you are the type of rube that Trump so easily suckers.
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Surfer Discussion
06/17/19 04:35 PM
Originally Posted by ifallalot
Originally Posted by TECHNOBUTT
whether or not Kevin Durant has agency to make his own decisions doesn't change the fact that the guy is a cog in a corporate machine making pennies on the dollar compared to what the suits are making. This management type clearly has come to the realization that he is getting paid because people like KD are willing to sacrifice their bodies to the dollar god.

We should be glad to see someone who makes money off the exploitation of others show remorse or regret or guilt or whatever that was.


Wait, let me catch my breath


Do you... think.... pro athletes are being... exploited?

roflmao roflmao roflmao

Pretty comical isn't it?
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Surfer Classifieds
06/17/19 04:19 PM
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Surfer Classifieds
06/17/19 03:27 PM
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06/17/19 03:19 PM
You're embarrassing yourself, grandpa.

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Design Forum
06/17/19 02:54 PM
"If i get a traditional fish is it possible to ride it with twin keels or a quad if there are 4 plugs?
Will the fin boxes be correctly placed for these two types of fin configs?
Some ppl have mentioned you can only have it one way...twin keel only or quad only."

Adding plugs for the Keels you can do this with custom tabbed fins and custom placed plugs .

Custom forward placed tabs :

[Linked Image]

My 4 Fin Fish rears placed where they work best

[Linked Image]

It looks like I can make it a Keel as well using the tabs placed at the front of the Keel enabling my placement without plug placement problems after plugs are modified .

[Linked Image]

Now I can offer these - In combination .

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
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06/17/19 02:37 PM
Originally Posted by Autoprax
People are getting warn down.

That is trump's tactic.

Wear the opposition down with crazy.

I'm amazed that his supporters think there won't be a reckoning.

Judgement day is coming for those who worship this sinful man.

Perhaps its the crazy from the left that is wearing off now that the Rushhhhhhaaa hoax fell flat on its face.
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06/17/19 12:52 PM
This video is like a prequel to Handmaid's Tale.
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Surf Doc
06/17/19 02:50 AM
mine did
I was told last week after my angiogram that my right artery is abnormally strong/big and unusually feeding into the left side of the heart to compensate for a clogged left that needs a litle rotorooter angioplasty cleaning this coming friday

because of where my clog is (At the split of the left major artery and in the major just after the split) they normally would have preferred a cabbage (coronary bypass) but since the right has seemed to grow/adjust to take some of the load from the left, stenting at the joint should be fine

the doctor felt it was nature's way of compensating for a defect i have apparently had for sometime

The right is usually for the lungs and left artery the main body gas line so maybe surf paddling created some requirements for this natural adjustment that may have occurred otherwise but its a guess. Unfortunately its unforeseen blockage of the left that kills most (widowmaker artery)
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06/17/19 12:43 AM
I still remember and Oregon 8 moving into the apt complex and being a LA 4+.

She couldn't handle it and moved back.

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06/16/19 11:50 PM
Alas, foiled again rock
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06/16/19 11:22 PM
Originally Posted by Surfdog

The popular vote "won". cheers

Finally, a correct use of quotation marks.
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Surfer Discussion
06/16/19 10:24 PM
Father's Day 2019, hmmmm?
I'm bangin' my head to some old Randy Rhodes!
Flip side of an ol' fav' vinyl album, thee last 3 songs:



My Dad, my Mom's too, were still alive back then when I bought this album,
played it soooo many times, with friends too, bong~in' out in my garage bed~room
before we hit thee beach, paddled out, yow~za!
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06/16/19 10:06 PM
Originally Posted by afoaf
there are plenty of dem led cities in that cohort that are prosperous, but GromsDad
wants to engage a fallacious appeal to extremes to disqualify the lot based on the
problems of an individual.

Most of the ones listed are among the group of cities that have prospered most since 2008.
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Surfer Classifieds
06/16/19 08:40 PM
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06/16/19 08:00 PM
Originally Posted by squidley
But somehow, according to Omar, Israelis are bad people. roflmao

Could it be that they are both bad people?

Nah, false dichotomy is a liblur media construct.
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Surfer Classifieds
06/16/19 05:12 PM
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Surfer Discussion
06/16/19 03:41 PM
Thanks! The greatest gifts I've ever received from the best wife who has tolerated me +52 years!
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06/16/19 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by Leaverite

This is America bro.

We judge you on your results, not your heritage.

Yes, it's not your heritage that makes me judge you to be a dummy.
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Surfer Discussion
06/16/19 03:17 PM
When I was there it was big like that -- bigger maybe. Outside Corner was like 4X overhead -- reminded me of LaJolla Cove. A half-mile outside of Temples was where the real scary ones were. I got washed to Padang. Came back all bleeding with the ass ripped out of my boardies.
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