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Surfer Classifieds
06/19/19 04:44 PM
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Surfer Classifieds
06/19/19 04:38 PM
Bumpity bump bump
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06/19/19 04:14 PM
Little known fact, HDS is worse than TDS.
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Surf Doc
06/19/19 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by oneula
50% blockage just before the split in the left and 70% blockage just after the split in the following major in the left
the wanted to do a cabbage but I opted for stents for a quicker recovery

they are going from the groin since they went in from the wrist for the angiogram
will be on blood thinners for a year minimum

can't wait
I really want to get back into surfing before the end of the year. I might get a helmet

BTW I'm probably diabetic now too which doesn't help the heart thing
I'll probably need a cabbage later even if I go vegan

There are special stents for diabetics.

I had an angiogram/angioplasty done in Guadalajara, first class hospital and crew. Recovery time was quick. Lose weight bruddah. That’s your number one enemy.
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06/19/19 04:09 PM
Trumps default is to lie and attack the character of the person asking questions.

You see him just making shit up as he goes.
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Design Forum
06/19/19 03:58 PM
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Design Forum
06/19/19 03:34 PM
Now I'll get to see how their customer service is.

Mailing the suit to an address in Irvine...and the reviews at that address trouble me.
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Foil Surfing
06/19/19 03:19 PM
Did you tow behind about?
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06/19/19 12:58 PM
This is why it is never a good idea for a candidate of either party or even an incumbent president to run un-opposed. Even Hillary last go round............even though she was anointed.........needed some hapless foils to have public debates with for the television cameras. It was all a show to keep her relevant while the Republicans were duking it out for the nomination.
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06/19/19 12:48 PM

Would you rather have a handjob from the fat female councilwoman?
Or the indian woman?
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06/19/19 12:17 PM
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06/19/19 10:49 AM
He and Obama had 8 years. Why didn't he cure cancer then? Was he holding back on us?
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06/19/19 09:59 AM
I thought you were going to say The Bachelor
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Surfer Classifieds
06/19/19 04:38 AM
Wtb. Lemme know what u got
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Surfer Classifieds
06/19/19 04:34 AM
Bump. Wish I had the cash. Steal
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Surfer Classifieds
06/19/19 02:23 AM
These still available? Check your PM.
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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 01:58 AM
Limited choices, but beginners are best going to Kahalu'u or the bay at Pinetrees. Small beach break waves at the Waipio or Polulu might work too. Also, fun body surfing Magic Sands or Kua Bay near 4Seasons. I can loan you a wavestorm or log if you need a board.
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06/19/19 12:35 AM
That’s your go to response whenever a comparison is spot on.

It’s a tell.

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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 12:09 AM
Worry? The erbb is ON IT LIKE A HONET!
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Surfer Discussion
06/18/19 11:12 PM
Originally Posted by ifallalot
Originally Posted by Kento
Originally Posted by ifallalot
Originally Posted by manbearpig
That was a lot of retard in one post.

Did you already forget about the brain eating bacteria in that one pool?

The pool that was already regulated? Those regulations did nothing to stop it

Do you really think environment regulations in Texas are remotely stringent?

Texas is not as anarchistic as you might think

Those look the same from what I can remember when I was managing a pool in the Bay Area.

Just the regs I deal with in terms of groundwater quality, they were really lax.
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Surfer Discussion
06/18/19 10:39 PM
Originally Posted by Clayster
Originally Posted by hanger18
Originally Posted by spenat
Would you stay by chicama again and if it's small then head off to another wave for the day? or would you stay by another waves such as pacasmayo and if its big go to chicama?

My buddies are pushing to stay elsewhere and drive to chicama conditions depending. and I'm pushing to stay at chicama and drive elsewhere if it's smaller.

Also how easy is it to get around? can you hire a guide for the day or rent a car if needed?

I would fully stay at Chicama again in a heartbeat. I liked the town and the lack of people. It's also in the middle of a few left points with huanchanco one-hour south and pacasmayo an hour to the north.

Many people prefer to drop into chicama when the swell gets huge everywhere else. So that works as well. It's easy to arrange a car and driver to take you on day trips from Chicama to the other points and Im sure vice-versa. I wouldn't rent a car. No need and the roads are confusing as hell getting into chicama. Its like a full backroad TJ experience.


I get the sense from your report that it was relatively uncrowded when you were there. Yet, I've read numerous articles about crowds, which are exacerbated by boats running surfers back to the line up.

Did you experience any of that, or did you just go at the right time of the year?

It was busy when I was there because there was a hyped swell. I went and surf the point to the north alone which doesn't take as much swell.

I would just go there and play it by ear.

It's super cheap there.
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Surfer Discussion
06/18/19 10:29 PM
Originally Posted by silentbutdeadly
Nice! Went there once (skated) and my legs turned to mush in no time.

Siiick. Hey beats doing squats in the gym.
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06/18/19 08:53 PM
Originally Posted by casa_mugrienta
Originally Posted by frvcvs
It blows my mind that Americans are dumb enough to listen to that blowhard snake oil salesman. But then again American's were dumb enough to fall for Don the Con.

Alex Jones has an international audience.

Now there's a warranted tariff.
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06/18/19 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by manbearpig
Originally Posted by ifallalot

Get some new material

You too
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Surfer Classifieds
06/18/19 08:11 PM
redid craigslist posting since I'm too dumb to post pics on here.

6'11"x 19.5'x2.5"

I don't like the board that much for surfing, looked good on my wall for a while.
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