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Surfer Discussion
06/20/19 12:30 PM
I'd show you some aloha but I'm off island for a couple months. Good luck getting some south swell.
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06/20/19 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by frvcvs
[Linked Image]

can't wait for the erBB Trumbies' response.
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06/20/19 09:20 AM
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Surfer Classifieds
06/20/19 08:06 AM
5'4" Fox Wave Weapons surfboard retro old school San Diego On Ebay
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Design Forum
06/20/19 07:59 AM
Von sol set worked for me. Stretch’s also worked. But Greg helped me dial in a set for 2 different boards and I like them best. I have a few different sizes and gave him measurements and my weight to dial them in. I have enough 3 sets of front fins. 3 sets or rear quads in different sizes and 2 different centers for a thruster.
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06/20/19 05:35 AM
This incident is disgusting. In San Clemente every little league team has to volunteer parents or junior kids 13+ years old to be umpires, but you can't do your own kids games. It can get pretty bad with some parents umpiring and not having a clue how to do it but a lot of us are regulars and most parents are really mellow and understand. I've umpired at least a few dozen games, mostly behind the plate for kids from 7 to 13 and oddly I kindof enjoyed it. This is my first year without being involved and I often think of still volunteering... but the worst parents we're the ones who never volunteer. I've told many parents to 'zip it or I make you leave in front of everyone... and if you don't I will timeout the game until you do shut up or leave'. Otherwise it's game over if I leave. Ive had to pause a game for 10 minutes and lecture an entire team and their fans. That were from the neighboring town SJC and had never had to volunteer so basically they were out of control. I'm sure someone got it on video. It'd be great youtube material. I lectured them all like kindergardeners.

This video is odd as hell. There is no reason so many adults should be anywhere near on the field. These are 7 year olds who should have 3 coaches max. Sad and Disgusting. Most these parents should be banned for life.
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Design Forum
06/20/19 05:03 AM
Originally Posted by ciscojaws
Originally Posted by HotHail
Why are folks scared to name names? Since when did protecting the reputations of deceptive businesses become a point of honor?!? ...Also, does anyone know how much more I should charge for my Craigslist boards if I add some of this to the rails?

Are you kidding? Just search the threads about posters being absolutely terrified about asking shapers why their board isn't done months (or longer) after it was promised.

LOL. So, fear of retribution? You're afraid that you won't get your next board on time from a shaper who uses inferior materials and tries to pass them off as something better? Or you're scared that you'll get blacklisted by the shaper mafia who support each others' second-rate craftsmanship? I'd be really reluctant to go back to a shaper that cheated me before. And, I would think that any shaper w/ integrity would want to distance themselves fast AF from any shaper without it.
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06/20/19 04:24 AM
[Linked Image]

I wouldn’t mind being in Alabama
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06/20/19 03:31 AM
Nuance is stupid
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06/20/19 03:07 AM
I think the guy from Weezer was at Harvard then he dropped out

He’s a big Oasis fan actually
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06/20/19 02:53 AM
And Falwell's wife looks pretty damn good for a woman in her mid 50s - not surprised she has nudes.
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Design Forum
06/20/19 02:49 AM
Originally Posted by Greg Griffin
4 x 35.00

Thanks for letting me have a little fun :-)

Originally Posted by Greg Griffin
4 x 35.00

Thanks for letting me have a little fun :-)

That’s not answering my question and appears to be misleading per usual
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06/20/19 02:20 AM
Originally Posted by hal9000
Roll call: who here does not recognize the powers vested in the House of Representatives under the United States Constitution?

Living Constitution Bro, whoever occupies the Whitehouse gets to decide what it all means.
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06/20/19 02:17 AM
Originally Posted by mundus
Originally Posted by casa_mugrienta
Originally Posted by afoaf

but, by all means, please tell me more about how state-sponsored assassinations are cool...

zero fkn integrity

State sponsored assassinations are the way of the world.

There was nothing unusual about this one except the guy wrote a few guest opinion pieces in the Washington Post.

I didn't hear you crying about it when your pal O was in office.

But you are big on double standards so I'm not surprised.

How many journalists were killed by our close allies during the Obama years? How much money did the Obama family owe the Saudis?

Probably about the same amount of cash that he attempted to pay off Iran with.
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Design Forum
06/20/19 02:11 AM
Very Happy sd

[Linked Image]
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Surfer Discussion
06/20/19 01:27 AM
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06/19/19 11:30 PM
Originally Posted by ElOgro
Originally Posted by Kento
Originally Posted by afoaf
I love it when people get all uppity about costco gas...


I just ask how long they wait in line....?

and how much money are you saving per gallon?

so saving 5 bucks is worth making a 5 minute detour to chevron
a 45 minute ordeal at the Costco?

"you must not value your time very highly"

"Anything lost can be found again, except for time wasted."

-- Samuel L. Jackson, Fresh

Hey Skully congratulations on passing 49,000 posts with the frvcvs handle! That’s some gnarly multitasking! trout

Ifallalot deserves more credit. beer
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06/19/19 10:47 PM
Originally Posted by afoaf
you didn't catch my drift...

but I wasn't being very direct.

you mentioned white privilege.

what's it like being on the island versus being here for someone in your demographic?

Actually, I was accepted quite well by many non-whites/local raised on Kauai. At first they kinda thought I was a bit haole, but once they heard my last name ended with a "z", eyes lit up and became very friendly. I guess many long time local Filipino's there have a lot of similar Hispanic last names, and mine is almost identical, so once my whiteness had more shades of Latino/Phillip, it was all good (especially after getting some golden Hawaiian sun tan a day or 2. I tan fast.)

Here on the mainland, it's quite different. Many non-whites/Latinos can see the Hispanic hints (in the way my hair is graying and such), and that's OK. But some younger ones become offended that I don't converse in Spanish with them, since my last name ends with a "z". It's like "How can you have that last name and not communicate in Spanish with me?". They must think that you have to be from Mexico/CentroAm recently, if you have a Hispanic last name, like many here now. They don't realize I'm a 2nd generation native USA born with a Hispanic last name. Grandpa was from Mexico (Puebla). Dad was born here 100 years ago, in Kansas. That's almost unheard of in the more recent younger Hispanic communities.

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Surfer Classifieds
06/19/19 09:25 PM
How much cash money for the fins? I'm in Encinitas and might be able to use them.

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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 08:55 PM
We snorkled too, but no river - something else I forgot!
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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by acnjusa
she's hitting the talk shows on full $$ marketing spin ala Bethany.
Bethany reboot? noboot?

What, are you mad she's making money?
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06/19/19 06:25 PM
16+ tons of cocaine confiscated...boy, that's going to slow things down on the trading floors.
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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 06:02 PM
Originally Posted by rts265

Junior year of high school scored great surf that year at Jalama and Santa Clara rivermouth my buddy stacked his Honda Civic last turn before you see the ocean Jalama road rainy night cow crossing and high speed. Right into huge cement post I came seconds later around corner going equal fast. Epic morning of surf down at rivermouth wave2
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Foil Surfing
06/19/19 05:49 PM
I've never seen him get a 2 for 1 actually. That wave is about the most pumping he ever does. He rides a pretty small wing for how big he is. I think it's in the 1200cm range. He says he doesn't use the big wings, he'll just e-foil if it's that small.
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06/19/19 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by afoaf
cutting the cord has not helped....*maybe* do not call lists as well.

also, who the fk stays on the phone with a pollster anywho?

I ain't got time for that shit.

Bingo, and in the rare instance that they do get me on the phone guaranteed I'm going to fuk with them for wasting my time. The last thing they will ever get from me is the answers I think they are looking for.
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