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05/19/19 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by BillyOcean
The haters speak!

Any sane rational human being with the slightest shred of decency should hate Trump.
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05/19/19 04:48 PM
Originally Posted by heelnipstr
Arnie's body is so screwed up from years of abuse he can barely stand straight. He always has multiple body buddy bouncers around him to help him through his day.
Do you find this incident scary squid-

His roid bros didn't do such a great job guarding him.

The guy was watching him do a Snapchat story instead of watching his back.

This is very traumatic for squid because he always feels black people or fags will fly kick him in the head, for some unknown reason.
Like Grommy thinks a black person will attack him on the bus even though he's just trying to be nice.

Hence GUNZ.
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Design Forum
05/19/19 04:41 PM
My first concave deck was shaped by Ben Wei of 5050 Waveskates, also my first custom. I was pretty young and not really paying attention to the nuances of design, more what looked fun to me. But even then I noticed the "closer to the water" feeling. His were pretty extreme, and had a pretty abrupt elevation change by front foot for maximum skateboarding in the surf feel.
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05/19/19 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by afoaf
Originally Posted by FecalFace
Originally Posted by grapedrink
Originally Posted by afoaf
Levi's 541

I can eat 100 grams of protein for breakfast and do squats AND
deadlifts in these

I've got fkn horse legs, this cut is good, but they are inconsistent in
fit and finish so try them on before buying.

I'll be glad when skinny jeans are officially done.

About 4 years ago I found the perfect pair of jeans, made by Seven for Mankind, that fit absolutely perfect. They were pricey, but the fit, comfort and look justified it. Loose enough up top to be comfy, but without looking like dipshit rapper jeans. Then they had to go and change the cut cussing Now I'm stuck between their too loose and too snug cuts. And 1 of my last 2 remaining pair just got a rip in the leg toilet
Patagonia did the same thing with their boxers, and has been getting slammed on their reviews for it, yet they won't revert back. Drives me nuts when clothing companies do that.
Take home lesson: When you find something that fits right, buy at least 6 of them foreheadslap #firstworldproblems

Levi's 511 have been perfect for me.

But like afoaf said, Levis is super inconsistent when it comes to fit within the same model# and also "stretch" is not always as strechy as the next pair.

first, I do boxer briefs and I love these from amazon. solid product and good price.
I think they are made in vietnam:

when I first saw a tailor for bespoke work slacks, shirts, and blazers he measured me
and said, "are your pockets always flared open and your pants riding in the crotch?".

I said, "yeah, WTF?", and he pointed out that my dimensions are a bit outside the norm.
the best fitting slacks I've ever had I get from him. if I go off the rack I need a bigger waist
to accommodate my hella ripped deadlift addled quads which is a bad compromise.

he says he make anything and I have been thinking about trying denim from him....

I highly recommend emailing this guy and getting on his list...he is legit and prices are
cheaper than going to the store.

Malik The Tailor <>

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Surfer Discussion
05/19/19 04:38 PM
Originally Posted by Autoprax
How much alcohol were you drinking?

Not much. One a day. Beer. It's my after school snack. Sometimes a glass of wine with dinner. Occasionally a little night cap of whiskey (little espresso cup). Haven't been truly drunk in many many years.
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05/19/19 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by ifallalot
You actually posted that an embryo can become human just as easily as sperm can roflmao

Yes I said that to illustrate how silly the whole argument about when the life begins is.

Sperm has a potential to become a "child".

Why don't you call sperm a child?

That's the next logical step in your journey down the to-the-right-of-Pat-Robertson religious fundie who prefers appeal to emotion to science.
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05/19/19 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by everysurfr
Originally Posted by FecalFace
Originally Posted by heelnipstr
Originally Posted by everysurfr
The practical implication is that somewhere, someday, my line of reasoning will be heard by one mother considering an abortion. And that one mother will keep her baby. And that one baby will be born, and have a good life, and make friends, and go to school, and fall in love, and raise a family, and die happy. And the world will be just a little bit better for having that person in it.

I'm talking past you, and past the politicians, to the mom listening in the background

Don't ignore:
the mother who dies in childbirth
the baby born with severe birth defects
the mother and infant who die in a backalley abortion attempt
the teen girl who is legally forced to carry her rapists child and raise it
the teen girl who is raped by her father or brother and ...

the mother and doctors have the most relevant and practical information, not the gov or society in general.

Fantastical thinking is never practical for anyone.

All these super compassionate people defending "child murder" but not once, not even a tiny bit care about the mother.

Selective compassion trips me out.

They're willing to screech about the human that doesn't exist but not only ignore real humans who suffer but revel in their misery

You imagine that I don't care about the mother or child after birth. You have no idea about my charitable giving.

And look at yourself. You care so much about pregnant women, but not a tiny bit of care for the unborn.
Your selective compassion doesn't surprise me.

Okay but it's weird how you composed the title of this thread.

Your premise is that the mother is less important than the unborn.

To me: born > unborn

Furthermore, this behavior is stereotypical of the anti-abortionists.
They are typically low empaths who couldn't care less about the suffering or discrimination of the born but love to get emotional about humans who don't yet exist.

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Surfer Discussion
05/19/19 04:22 PM
Moto's are dangerous enough without attaching a 9 foot sail to one side. I have a WR250R and I try to avoid pavement but I do ride on rural highways sometimes just to connect to other gravel roads. Passing log trucks going 60mph the other direction is dicey on a smaller bike. I'm not someone who grew up riding though, I've only had the bike a couple years. I've crashed it on a back road and screwed my hand up pretty bad. Would have been much worse had I not been wearing full gear.

I would never ride a motorcycle on a freeway or in any kind of heavy traffic.

Prius will get similar mileage and you'll have room for a rinsekit.
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Surfer Discussion
05/19/19 04:14 PM
I'm pretty much a filthy slut down for anything.
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05/19/19 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by BillyOcean
Why would anyone read it?

Yes, why would you want to know what you’re talking about?
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05/19/19 04:04 PM
Originally Posted by mundus
Originally Posted by BillyOcean
You train men to be ruthless killers and then you want to punish them for being ruthless killers

So that would make us just as bad as our enemies?

Do you really think that our soldiers are any different, or have ever been any different in war?

Look up Wounded Knee and My Lai for easily accessible primer courses on US atrocities
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Surfer Discussion
05/19/19 03:59 PM
More evidence of ball earther deception? Should the ship's size diminish as it goes away from you? Does it diminish as it should in this vid by a globe proponent? You decide....

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Design Forum
05/19/19 03:33 PM

[Linked Image]

Where does Akila place the twin fins?

Looks like around 8.5" ish... (total guess)
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Design Forum
05/19/19 03:30 PM
Originally Posted by crotchgrab
Originally Posted by Havoc4k
ya. not a fan of slaters surfing past few years but man he looked like trestles slater from like a decade ago.

Originally Posted by 20W-50 and blood
best slater has looked in ages!!!!

Akila said Kelly's boards are PU...

How crazy would it be if Kelly's struggles the past however many years were in a great part due to his insistence on riding EPS boards in all conditions...

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Surfer Discussion
05/19/19 02:37 PM
Drake Hawelu, Sandy Beach, 5/18/19. Getting ready to defend his title as world champion miniboog.

[Linked Image]
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Surfer Discussion
05/19/19 02:19 PM
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05/19/19 02:08 PM
It's all about distraction for trumby. The closer some entity, be it congress, '20 election, courts... threaten his position the more radical he will act to take away the threat.
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Surfer Classifieds
05/19/19 02:02 PM
You are hilarious, really.
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05/19/19 12:58 PM
I see excesses and wrong moves on both teams.
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Surfer Discussion
05/19/19 12:12 PM
Having a rich inner world is a bit overrated
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Surfer Discussion
05/19/19 12:02 PM
Cheering on the old bald guy.
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Surfer Discussion
05/19/19 11:59 AM
40pct chance development.

Will the villagers sing and dance?
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Surfer Discussion
05/19/19 11:56 AM
I'll do it.
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05/19/19 11:32 AM
$1000 p/mo p/person is an idea. IMO a good one.
Why is he stuck in the pack?
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Surfer Classifieds
05/19/19 07:48 AM
6'6" G&S Gordon & Smith Wave Crave thruster model Surfboard FCS G&S Traction On Ebay
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