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Surfer Classifieds
08/19/19 07:54 AM
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Design Forum
08/19/19 06:08 AM
I decided to sell 2 3 board in the quiver to keep only 2, thinking surfing 2 boards often will help my surfing more than surfing 4 5 as an interm surfer.

My idea is to keep my 5'8 fling for small / shit / fat days and to have another one that you can consider an all rounder (6 1 or 6'2 at 33L). Saying this I m interested in a daily driver that has a good upper range, you know when suddenly on an average 3 foot day you get some good random bigger/ steeper sets where you can get the waves of the day or just for good pumping days. Over 5-6 foot (which is double over head for me) i usually dont surf anyway, i m not a charger. I need a board which help me getting in earlier to build more confidence when it s bigger to avoid late take off or being sucked in. Obviously positioning is key and i need to improve on that but equipment matters.

What boards out there would get into that category ?

I surf around Sydney northern beach if that can help.

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Design Forum
08/19/19 05:59 AM
Okay, say you're traveling all over the world and surfing. You can only bring 3 boards.

5'7" 32L Stamps Banjo Twin Fish - Grovels well but also works in all sorts of different fun sized waves. Gets in early and makes long sections with ease. One of my favorite boards ever. Easy choice.

6'3" 30L Pyzel Shadow - I have a handful of other squash tail thrusters that could fill this position but this one happens to be my current favorite. When the waves are good quality or at least punchy from waist to DOH or so this is the board I'd ride. If this thread was about a one board travel quiver this board would be in the running.

6'10" 38L Rusty Blackbird - This one is still on order but I'm thinking/hoping it covers the upper end. I have a 7'2" Arakawa RP but it doesn't fit in my 7 foot triple board bag and for how big of a board it is it doesn't actually catch waves that well with such a narrow, rockered out nose.
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Surfer Classifieds
08/19/19 01:47 AM
Picked this board up not long ago and, although I like it, I haven't completely clicked with it and
have other boards that overlap too much that I surf more often. I'd really prefer to TRADE it for a quality
mid-length board in great+ condition rather than sell it, as I don't "need" to part with it. I'll go C-list later if nothing
too interesting comes up here.
Probably want something between 7' and 8' as I've never owned anything that size and want something different.
The Mpegg is 5'11" x 21" (or slightly over) x 2 3/8", but it has a concave deck with pretty full Parmy rails, making
it feel and float more like a 2 3/4" board. It paddles and catches waves very well and flows nicely. Zero dings and
pretty minor deck dents only.
If you'd like more pics or have questions or trade offers, shoot me a PM with your # or email and I'll get back to you.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
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Surfer Discussion
08/18/19 09:46 PM
was rappin with zander about a downwind race (7 easy miles) they have in ventura on sept 28th. mondos to the pier. any of you fiends game? figure ill bring my bbq and do it up after. roll call if any interest.
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Travel Forum
08/18/19 09:00 AM
The 26th Korean Air Travel Photo Contest (19.07.12 ~ 19.08.19)

The 26th Korean Air Travel Photo Contest Start
2019.7.12 (Fri) ~ 2019.08.19 (Mon)
-> (

Contents - General Sector
-A task filled with joyful and precious memories of a trip, persuading one to visit that place
-Special Sector : Go Beyond A work with new and unique perspective; aerial, underwater, VR image etc., shot with drone, action camera, and other equipment (adventure and unique experiences of a travel destination)

Participation - Anyone who loves traveling and photography. (No restrictions with nationality)

Application 2019. 7. 12(Fri) ~ 2019. 8. 19(Mon)

Submit - Upload file to Korean Air travel contest website(

Announcement - 2019. 10, fourth week(UNDETM) / Korea Air Travel Photo Contest website, Hankookilbo(Korea Times) and individual notification(Changes can be made)

Standards and Qualification
- No restrictions concerning shooting equipment
- Printed analogue file camera work : monochrome or color11“X14“

Grand Prize(1) - Plaque, 2 Round-trip Prestige class tickets for all routes in service by Korean Air, 2 Round-trip Prestige class tickets for domestic route Korean Air, (Extra Prize)

Gold Prize(1) - Plaque, 2 Round-trip Prestige class tickets for all routes in service by Korean Air

Silver Prize(2) - Plaque, 2 Round-trip Economy class tickets for all routes in service by Korean Air

Bronze Prize(6) - Plaque, 2 Round-trip Economy class tickets for routes to Japan, China, Southeast Asia in service by Korean Air (Choose 1)

Merit Prize (50)- Certificate, 2 Round-trip Economy class tickets for domestic routes in service by Korean Air

Special Prize (Go Beyond)(5) - Certificate, 2 Round-trip Economy class tickets for domestic routes in service by Korean Air, (Extra Prize)

Korean Air Travel Photo Contest Management Office
Contact information : 02-6412-9717 (Hours: Weekdays 10~18) E-mail : [E-mail][/email]
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08/17/19 03:47 PM
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Surfer Discussion
08/16/19 02:09 PM
Where did i drop those boards off? I can’t find the guys email. Please message me.
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Surfer Classifieds
08/16/19 03:24 AM
Great condition - comes with bag and fins. 1 ding repaired by Brian szymanski at ding king in Encinitas. Selling for my sister so willing to give any forum bros the erbb bro deal!

Below is the Craigslist add:

PM/call/text 858-312-0775

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Surfer Discussion
08/15/19 11:10 PM
nothing. Bueller, Bueller......
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08/15/19 08:00 PM
A Florida woman who "pulled a small alligator from her yoga pants" was sentenced to probation after admitting four charges related to illegally possessing wild animals.

Florida prosecutors say a Charlotte County sheriff’s deputy stopped a pickup truck in May after it ran a stop sign. The driver, 22-year-old driver Michael Clemons, told the deputy he and his 25-year-old passenger, Ariel Machan-Le Quire, were collecting frogs and snakes under an overpass. He gave the deputy permission to search bags in the truck. When the deputy found 41 3-stripe turtles in a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” backpack, he asked if Machan-Le Quire had anything else. She pulled the 1-foot (0.3-meter) gator from her pants.

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08/15/19 12:40 PM
Hickenlooper 2020....DONE
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Surfer Classifieds
08/15/19 08:15 AM
Vintage Challenger Surfboard Longboard 10’ 2” On Ebay
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Surfer Classifieds
08/13/19 02:17 AM
Love it, just doesn't really fit the quiver.

Trade offers welcome.
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Surfer Classifieds
08/12/19 07:53 PM
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Surfer Classifieds
08/12/19 05:34 PM
magic boar. fcs2 xtr 7c stringered

don’t want to sell but have some urgent unexpected expenses

usual xtr yellowing but otherwise absolutely pristine shape.

$395 cash firm for quick sale. first come first served. located in north

contact me for pics.

dims say 5’9x19.5x2.44 31.4 liters

measures as 5’8.5”
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Surfer Classifieds
08/11/19 08:11 PM

Discount for erbbers... i just dont ride the thing and it should get some exercise
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Surfer Classifieds
08/11/19 04:18 PM

swallow tail 5 fin futures, 200 for erBB! shoot me a pm or text with any questions.
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Surfer Classifieds
08/11/19 08:03 AM
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Surfer Discussion
08/10/19 08:44 PM
Rich man at poshest hotel opens door to maintenance man who then proceeds to try to rob him but this guy no pushover.
Alleged perp dead, richo arrrested then freed and fled successfully. islanders mad. (moral?...)...if you're gonna do crime do it right.
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Surfer Classifieds
08/10/19 10:47 AM
Flawless condition.
FutureFlex Eps / Epoxy
5-8 x 20.25 x 2.5. 32L.
Cash, paypal, or venmo
Located in NJ, Can ship.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Surfer Discussion
08/10/19 03:14 AM
Hey there, haven't seen you around in a while. Still lurking?
Headed up to your neck of the woods in 2 weeks.
How's the silver run looking?
We're hooked up with Jeff W. for a couple of days on the ocean.
Staying at the Mooring again.
Sending a PM.

Cheers big ears
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08/09/19 02:02 PM

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08/09/19 06:24 AM
......and wasn't this movie already made with Ice T as the OG Niplorable?
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08/08/19 03:19 PM
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