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08/22/19 01:37 PM
I trip out on menacing homeless people.

I notice in my town they have their own little social group.

That probably makes being homeless more fun.

It must be nice not having to pay rent or fuel bills.
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08/22/19 01:35 PM
I wouldn't say it's dying

There is a human infestation.

But it knows how to take care of that.
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08/22/19 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by squidley
Originally Posted by rice

.....The New York Times reported Tuesday that the White House summoned Toyota, Fiat Chrysler and General Motors to a meeting last month, during which Trump tried to stanch the flow of auto companies joining a pact to stick to stricter emissions standards set by California.

Honda, Ford, Volkswagen and BMW have already signed on, with the Times reporting that German automaker Mercedes-Benz and one of the companies summoned by Trump also plan to join.

Thirteen states have joined California in vowing to uphold standards similar to the 2012 Obama rule, jam_on which required automakers to jack up the average fuel economy of new cars and trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, nearly double the current standard. The Obama-era standards were projected to slash carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to climate change, by around 6 billion tons over the new cars’ lifetimes. Trump's proposal would also block states like California from imposing their own emissions standards.[/b]

It seems to me that signing onto the stricter CAFE standards in a few highly populated states is a hollow meaningless gesture. CAFE standards don't mandate gas mileage caps on vehicles. They mandate gas mileage caps on fleets of vehicles. So the average car is capped. That makes little difference in places like the people's Republic of California where every pussy drools over Smart Cars, Teslas and Fiat 500s. The vehicles REQUIRED to carry five people or haul cargo get normalized by the cars bought by idiots.


Structures not holding. Homo dam about to break!

Calling Agent Duffy to. talk the squildy off the roof.
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Design Forum
08/22/19 01:19 PM
Originally Posted by Waxfoot
Thread revival:

I'm so excited I can shit. My wife ordered a flax RTT with deck art for my 40th. 5.8, 20 1/4, 2 9/16 with the rail taken down a touch to make it feel less thick than it is.

6 week wait.... but no the question is, will she let me have it before my actual Birthday?!

Rad jam_on
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08/22/19 01:13 PM

Nobody should be shocked about this. What they should be doing is asking what else they lied about.

500,000 fewer jobs created.

Labor force participation rate still hovering in the low 60s.

Turns out hiring wasn’t nearly as strong in 2018 and early 2019 as the government initially reported — by about a half-million jobs.

The economy had about 501,000 fewer jobs as of March 2019 than the Bureau of Labor Statistics initially calculated in its survey of business establishments. That’s the largest revision since the waning stages of the Great Recession in 2009.

The newly revised figures indicate the economy didn’t get a huge boost last year from President Trump’s tax cuts and higher federal spending. They also signal the economy is a bit weaker than previously believed and could give the Federal Reserve even greater reason to cut interest rates in September.

“This makes some sense, as the 223,000 average monthly increase in 2018 seemed too good to be true in light of how tight the labor market has become and how much trouble firms are said to be having finding qualified workers,” said chief economist Stephen Stanley of Amherst Pierpont Securities.

The average 223,000 monthly increase in employment in 2018 — the strongest in three years — could be trimmed to 180,000 to 185,000, economists estimate.

Fewer jobs were created in restaurants, hotels, retailers and professional business services. Leisure and hospitality employment was reduced by 175,000, business services by 163,000 and retail by 146,400.
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 12:47 PM
Around here a lot of the developers in the game often buy with cash which makes it hard for someone who might want to buy and live in the old house to get the deal. The developer doesn't have to go through the mortgage process, home inspection, get insurance....etc all of which takes time for the first time home buyer.
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08/22/19 12:42 PM
Street drama.
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 12:10 PM
Dragging a shark-eaten dolphin carcass behind your surfboard seems like a recipe for disaster.
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 11:30 AM
70s surfing perfect manchuka gardens PRico with only couple friends. we tied 8 ft ropes to our skegs so we wouldnt have to get urchins getting our bd's. 80s living on the south shore many many trips to surf. 2000s on? surf trip to costa surfing the mostly closed out hermosa grinders. perfect swell incoming drove down to pavonnes for a few days and scored some of the best lefts of my life. stayed at some guys beautiful hostel from miami for like 20$ a night. shortly afterwards heard the whole place burnt down.
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08/22/19 06:22 AM
Originally Posted by grapedrink
Fookin hell, you couldn't find a closer airport confused2

Also, what kinda candy bar confused2

Napa is lame.

I gotta go to where the plane is.


Napa City is a shithole. Wine tasting is just a more socially acceptable form of being a drunk.

Did I mention the tweakers?
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Design Forum
08/22/19 06:21 AM
Swell filled in but it wasn't as big as hyped. Got some fun ones surfing with a mixed bag of Bowls regulars and Island legends. Was super happy to see Wade Tokoro in the water the last two days. he was ripping, making up for lost time on the injured list. Speaking of injuries if anyone is wondering Mike Ho said Coco made a full recovery from her knee sprain and has been training for the wave pool contest.

Jesse swam out in the dark and shot a few.

[Linked Image]
Keeping it design related. Gregg Nakamura on a 5'11 Tokoro 5+

[Linked Image]
Reo Inaba on a 5'9 Tokoro Project. Reo is surfing for Gotcha now.

[Linked Image]
Im overgunned on my 6'2 Tokoro 4X.thought it was going to be big pits at Big Bowl so i brought my 6'2 and 6'7. Should've brought the 6'0 or 5'10.
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 06:07 AM
That's a double flusher.
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Design Forum
08/22/19 05:48 AM
Haha, so much for the 2 board quiver aspirations smile
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Design Forum
08/22/19 05:37 AM
5'9" Stamps Quantum Quad
6'2" Campbell Bros Egg
6'7" Maurice Cole Shiva
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 05:33 AM
All those units will be filled with Brazilians.

The real tragedy is it will be a bitch to get to s****l’s for some steaks.
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08/22/19 04:53 AM
The truth behind Vince Foster's death has got to be buried in there somewhere, too. I just know it!
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Surfer Classifieds
08/22/19 04:41 AM
Duo and Vader sold
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 04:01 AM
Nothing till Fr!dayz!
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 03:30 AM
Originally Posted by bird.
Originally Posted by GeoPac
Any suggestions on best options to get around (Bird, Uber, mass transit?)

Yes to all three. Train to Union Station and then shuttle from there to Dodger Stadium, Uber to get wherever else you need to go, Bird/Lyft scooters for the close stuff (or just walk.)

and where to go out in the area (food, bars, lounges, etc..) preferably somewhere with a decent girl to guy ratio?

Eat: KBBQ. Got to while you're there.
Drink: In K-Town - R Bar, The Normandie Club, HMS Bounty. Near Dodger Stadium - Short Stop, Sunset Beer Co, Little Joy, Buttonmash if you're into the barcade thing

Love R-bar. Used to live right across from there.
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 03:10 AM
literally stepping on their own dicks aka: revenue stream.

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Design Forum
08/22/19 02:17 AM
nice board, carbon too
you are a used board buying ninja
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Design Forum
08/22/19 02:07 AM
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Surfer Classifieds
08/22/19 01:37 AM
this one is based off one of daves personal boards. low rocker blazing fast but can still turn. would love to keep it but tough times call for tough measures. i sold my magic tomo sp2 for example
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08/22/19 12:25 AM
One of the things we learned from the Senate race in Texas was how important it is to not write anyone off. No matter where they live, who they voted for in the last election, how red or blue their county is. Never write anyone off.

That's actually a good talking point. I hope it gets around.
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 12:19 AM
[Linked Image]

On the way to Hetch Hetchy. Wrong season. It was 95 degrees and the only easy hike (out to Wapama Falls) was exposed to the sun most of the way. Still, was interesting. Sad actually. I got a weird vibe crossing the dam and going through the tunnel. Hard to explain.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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