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Surfer Discussion
06/25/19 05:52 PM
Unknown, near Kaisers, 6/16/19. Costco specials can work well under competent feet.

[Linked Image]
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06/25/19 05:47 PM
Democrat imposed welfare and disability payments subject generations of blacks to poverty instead of working their way out of poverty. Democrat imposed minimum wage laws insure that young blacks can't be hired into entry level jobs. There are no entry level jobs. Democrat imposed unemployment benefits pay black mothers and fathers to quit work. Democrat imposed and paid abortions reduce growth of the black population.

Welcome to the Democrat plantation.
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Surfer Discussion
06/25/19 05:46 PM
Probably $675K

I'm up almost $200K in 5 years on our townhouse. Unfortunately going to a single family home = $1500 a month increase in mortgage. It's just me and my wife. Not a necessity.
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06/25/19 05:40 PM
Originally Posted by Duffy
Originally Posted by hal9000
It's great that we can spend $600 billion a year on defense but we can't provide showers, toothpaste, soap, and basic medical care to children.

Bernie proposes student loan debt pay off ($1.2 TRILLION) and “Medicare for all” ($14 TRILLION) but Congress won’t provide funds needed to improve conditions at these holding centers.

Don't hold them. Turn them back. Problem solved
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06/25/19 05:38 PM
This is what autism awareness means

Anyone who has any experience with autistic people could see from a mile off that that boy was handicapped and didn’t understand what was happening
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06/25/19 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by mundus
Billy going full retard NEOCON, LOL! I thought Trump was against the deep state/NEOCONS?

I don’t understand why you think doing business with the Ayatollah is a good idea

If you’re banning people from the international financial system, he’s a pretty good guy to start with
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Surfer Discussion
06/25/19 05:22 PM
The 'Coil review' thread has a lot of bots staring at it.
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06/25/19 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by squidley
Originally Posted by 1whoknows
Originally Posted by squidley
Originally Posted by 1whoknows
We’re entitled to pretend that we can defend our households against an army, or wage guerrilla war against an unwelcome government. It’s fantasy.

Yeah, How'd that work out in Vietnam?
How did what work out in Vietnam?

The Vietnamese people fended off the most powerful military force on earth, for the most part, with nothing but personal arms.

They were also used to living a tough life in the jungle and subsisting on limited resources.

Have you seen the militia types in this country? Putting it as nicely as possible, mobility and stealth is not exactly their strong point.

Inner-city gangbangers might have more success as they are in better physical condition, plus a lot of them have recent/active military training. However, I hardly think you'd want to arm them further, would you, squidley?
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Surfer Classifieds
06/25/19 05:19 PM
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Surfer Discussion
06/25/19 05:19 PM
Originally Posted by Autoprax
I think the idea is when you adapt to using fat for fuel you can pretty much go forever.

Back when humans were endurance hunting springbok they didn't have access to carbs or water.

I been dieting and I cut way back on calories and carbs and I have been pretty much unable to work out in the gym.

So I see if you are using carbs as a fuel source, you're going to bonk in that endurance event.

I'm going to guess 50W is using carbs as his fuel source so your advice is sound in his case.

I think it's really hard to be fat adapted for fuel.

Eating carbs is pleasurable and adds to the quality of life.

I am hardly a diet/metabolism know-it-all, yet I won't let that stop me from blathering on....

It takes a bit of time to get your body to a fat burning metabolism. All those arctic and Antarctic explorers/adventurers usually start to change their diet and metabolism before they get their trek on, so it isn't like the body is going to go from one fuel source to another in a day very efficaciously.

Anyway, all of the above is already known to 20W-50, so, with that taken care of, time to start knowing you can do this.
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Design Forum
06/25/19 05:18 PM
There's not enough rocker and the nose is too thick

It only wants to go straight, its an old man's board!
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Design Forum
06/25/19 05:16 PM
I loved my Hypto. Ran it as a thruster with JJF fins

Someone posted about a Lost Puddle Jumper. I bought one and was really excited about it but it didn't really grovel and when the waves were better you'd rather be on something else. It only worked well for high tide south side insiders at like stomach to chest high
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Surfer Classifieds
06/25/19 05:16 PM
$300 for erbb

CL link
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Surfer Discussion
06/25/19 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by afoaf
I just wish those guys would join forces and tour together again.

a few years ago they both played LA like a week or two apart.

I've never seen Gilmour, but go to every Waters concert I can....

that guy knows how to put on a proper stage production.

I feel the same way about the Gallaghers
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Surfer Discussion
06/25/19 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by afoaf
water is cold too!

I really regretted trunking it on Sunday. drowning
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06/25/19 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by GromsDad
I think you guys are nuts if you think Trump voters are going to switch sides and suddenly vote democrat. If anything the conduct of the left over the past 2 years has hardened their resolve. The attacks on Trump are every bit an attack on the people who voted him into office and they know it.

On the flip side you have a lot of people who didn't vote for him last time who may vote for him this time for a variety of reasons.

so, would you like to bet then?
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06/25/19 04:02 PM
I love the self-stroking nonsense at the bottom about how Project Veritas is the only way!

the video and the article are trying to conflate and inflate topics.

they are trying to weight credible sources and unweight discredit sources in the SRP.

Facebook has been on a similar tack.

this is how you avoid the type of gamesmanship that the GRU was able to employ in
the 2016 can't just post up fake shit and get away with it anymore.

on its face, this benefits everyone....think of it as the online fairness doctrine.

btw, Project Veritas is fkn garbage, but I still read the article and watched the video because
I love you, ifall.
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Design Forum
06/25/19 03:54 PM
Originally Posted by Aruka
very cool. Burch's boards always look great.

those fork noses look kinda deadly like now you can poke both eyes out at once. just kidding but for real how sharp are those tips?

not your average boring thruster.

hope she goes well for you jkb!

Thanks Aruka!

They are sharp, but the way I figure it.......I think it's probably safer than one pointy nose.

There were some very smart people before us have already led the way on how to deal with this scenario.

[Linked Image]
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Design Forum
06/25/19 03:33 PM
glad to hear you're back Kento shaka
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Surfer Discussion
06/25/19 03:21 PM
In Buddhism the after life, or life as we know it, is hell. Heaven is not being reincarnated (resurrected), freed from the wheel life and death.

Interestingly, Tibetans believe that people get reborn because, during that interval after death and before rebirth (the bardo), they are attracted images of people making love...

If that's the case anybody who enjoys porn is doomed to be reborn.

ps some of us might get attracted to images of perfect point breaks....
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Surfer Classifieds
06/25/19 02:54 PM
Bump. $400
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Surfer Discussion
06/25/19 02:43 PM
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Surfer Discussion
06/25/19 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by Leaverite
Have you read the Alaric Bond "Fighting Sail" series? These are very good. The 12th volume just came out.

yes sir, probably as a result of this very thread. Thanks for the head's up, i like his brand

I'm tearing through the Kydd novels, number 15 up next. Not nearly as gritty as some, but still scratches that age of sail itch
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06/25/19 02:17 PM
“Anderson, you’re fascinating to talk to about how rape is so sexy.”
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Design Forum
06/25/19 01:56 PM
even though ive been and still am a pathetic design dork....this video reinforced every inkling ive ever had to not waste time and just grab a damn board
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