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Design Forum
06/19/19 08:31 AM
Russell is doing well up in Northern California. As I understand it, he is no longer shaping but still owns all of his tools for the mystery appearance in the bay... batman
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Design Forum
06/19/19 07:26 AM
must be the regular comp versions that suck, have 2 comp x and the dry pretty quickly whilst being warm. durability seems a bit suspect though, have noticed a bit of water seepage after a few months on one of the suits in the bum area, some loose threads also.
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Design Forum
06/19/19 07:21 AM
same template, sizing is a bit different.
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Design Forum
06/19/19 06:25 AM
Originally Posted by Havoc4k

I had one of these on my Stretch Quadfish. Werked a charm but man, trac pads on a fish always look kinda hideous.
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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 06:17 AM
Halawa is one of those magical places. There is a public park there, but if you show up, you will be greeted by a Solatorio who will politely size you up to figure out wtf you are doing there. Pay him the $70 to take you to the waterfall-worth it. You will get a bona fide cultural experience. They will tell you that that their family owns the whole valley, which they do not. Ask the locals, about this and you will get various stories. Be respectful, give more than you take, and you will be fine.
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06/19/19 06:06 AM
Originally Posted by Wheelhouse
legalize everything

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Design Forum
06/19/19 06:05 AM
Why are folks scared to name names? Since when did protecting the reputations of deceptive businesses become a point of honor?!? ...Also, does anyone know how much more I should charge for my Craigslist boards if I add some of this to the rails?
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Design Forum
06/19/19 05:49 AM
Stocked for you Havoc cheers

Summer surf can suck my balls. Cold and tiny and every barney within 300 miles battling me at my local peak for the one decent wave that comes though every twenty minutes.

Okay, maybe it's not that bad but really if not for my trusty Stamps Banjo fish I'd be losing my mind.

This time of year I try to just forget surfing and go ride my mtn bike or motorcycle but if I'm honest, they are poor replacements.
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06/19/19 05:47 AM
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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 05:44 AM
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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 05:35 AM
Still the weirdest thing for me to get used to. Just after summer, it's the best swell time here in East coast of Straya...whereas most everywhere else I've lived, winter's the bomb.
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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 05:20 AM
Preparation meets opportunity. Paddling out is about wave knowledge and perseverance. He got the good ones because he had the right board and experience. And he’s s good surfer. And he’s got sack. If you’re under 30 stop fcvkin arond and go to puerto or go to Hawaii or go to Bali. Go somewhere there are waves.
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06/19/19 05:13 AM
The gun boy is going to prison. Lo siento, pendejos.
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Surfer Classifieds
06/19/19 05:08 AM
PM sent
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06/19/19 04:44 AM
Curing cancel is almost as big as Gore inventing the internet. hithead Silly libs
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Surfer Classifieds
06/19/19 04:38 AM
Wtb. Lemme know what u got
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Surfer Classifieds
06/19/19 04:34 AM
Bump. Wish I had the cash. Steal
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06/19/19 03:57 AM
you didn't catch my drift...

but I wasn't being very direct.

you mentioned white privilege.

what's it like being on the island versus being here for someone in your demographic?
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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 03:29 AM
Originally Posted by IRIEJET
[Linked Image]

<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/roflmao.gif" alt="" />

How funny!
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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 03:05 AM
Originally Posted by PJ
I was reading all this and I've seen some flat earth stuff lately, heights and horizons etc. Then I remembered - wait - I got on a US Navy ship in San Diego and sailed West West West and kept going and going, there was a chart up in the mess decks showing our progress, I was working Sonar so I knew which way we were going, I was up on the bridge so I could see what the compass heading was and after a long time we got to Singapore where we drank Tiger Beer.

Two or so years later I got on another Navy ship in Norfolk, Virginia and sailed East through the Mediterranean then more east ish through the Suez and the Red Sea then the Indian Ocean then - Singapore for New Year's 1984 - where we drank Tiger Beer.

So having been to Singapore both ways I think I can say that the Earth is round.

I call it my Tiger Beer Theorem!

Hey PJ....check out his map....

[Linked Image]

...trace your trips on this map.
Cools story BTW...have hoisted maaany a Tiger...S'pore Riverside...Penang M poolside.

Now for some more proof of lack of surface curvature...shoat one....

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Surfer Classifieds
06/19/19 02:23 AM
These still available? Check your PM.
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06/19/19 02:23 AM
I used to think that all surfers were conservationists
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06/19/19 01:59 AM
Originally Posted by GromsDad

Did you watch the show?

No. Why would I want to watch Trumby ramble on for an hour?
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06/19/19 01:58 AM
Originally Posted by Autoprax
Saying you are the best is not how to be the best.

You need to think you suck and to keep working to be better.

Constant doubt.

Work work work

Never resting.

I suck.

I suck.

US is the worst but we can make it better!

Did Tom Curren ever run around saying he was the best?
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Surfer Discussion
06/19/19 01:58 AM
Limited choices, but beginners are best going to Kahalu'u or the bay at Pinetrees. Small beach break waves at the Waipio or Polulu might work too. Also, fun body surfing Magic Sands or Kua Bay near 4Seasons. I can loan you a wavestorm or log if you need a board.
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