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08/20/19 02:58 PM
Originally Posted by utoma
You can tell who the sh!theads here are.

Some facts:

The medical examiner ruled Garner's death a homicide. Specifically, an autopsy indicated that Garner's death resulted from "[compression] of neck (choke hold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police"

Stop blaming the dead victim for his own death. Yes, he was obese and had asthma, but those did not cause his death.

Most catastrophes' result from multiple variables; usually it takes three things going wrong.

1. Resisting arrest.

2. Poor health

3. Over reaction of law enforcement

Humans are wired to do a reverse narrative using driven by motivated reasoning.
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 02:57 PM
fannings put on a bit if weight
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 02:56 PM
Ya know, me bein' what i am, just an ol' L.A. loc with an attitude,

old LA loc??????????? rw last time i seen you you aint chumash. dealt with your LA loc type as a kid long enuf, fuckershave no problem claiming local status anywhere and everywher. fukkin joke. thanx for stayin g thefukk down south, wish u had told ur amigos to do the same. LA jokal always = the next guy claiming lokal at ur spot. and thats my only word on this subject
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08/20/19 02:49 PM
Originally Posted by afoaf
Originally Posted by Autoprax
Brown people get Americanized fat fast.

It's funny

The best is lazy second generation Asians.

I'm like, "What happened?"

(Lot's of second generation Asions still holding.)

BTW an Asian dude killed a teacher at Cal State yesterday.

I was betting on a black or a Mexican.

Mr Implicit bias out!

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08/20/19 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by CharmingSophisticate
Originally Posted by mundus
How does every Trump thread turn into a Dem bashing session?

The Deplorables just refuse to comply.

The fact that they have all the guns makes this an almost impossible situation for the Orthodox "progressive" Church leadership and its flock (mob).

I thank Tom Jefferson et al. everyday for this.

...the Malheur Blues. I am not the only one noticing that the despair among the white working class is off the charts. It's lowering U.S. life expectancy since 2014.
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Design Forum
08/20/19 02:07 PM
If I'm picking the places (Mainland Mex, Jalama to BC, Angola around to Mozambique, Eastern Canada, Pacific Indo)

6'4" Baby Buggy
6'6" Roundpin
6'8" or 6'10" Roundpin

If I'm going to the world's most popular surfing hotspots as recommended by the Inertia, with essential oil recommendations by Stab style:

A depressing Charles Dickens step down
I'll ask the erBB alcoholics what their daily drinker in the 80-100 proof class is
6 round roundmag, to shoot myself in the face

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08/20/19 01:59 PM
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08/20/19 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by ifallalot
Originally Posted by hal9000
Originally Posted by 1whoknows
Originally Posted by grapedrink

Says the guy who has mentioned the proud bois at least in 1000 times, on a near daily basis for a few years now, often in completely unrelated threads. Analogous to Surfdog with global warming. I'm sure if we were to do a count, your proud boy mentions would outnumber my Antifa mentions by at least 20x. Guaranteed

No. For what it’s worth, you often mention Antifa, probably more than hal mentions Proud Boys. Fecal brings up the Proud Boys often. Your obsession with Antifa is something you have never explained

I don't mention Proud Boys all that much really. They're not usually on my radar.

Yet you created a thread about them on a subject that's been discussed for years.

Technically it was about BOTH groups.

And starting a thread doesn't take all that much effort.
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Design Forum
08/20/19 01:42 PM
Yesterday was perfect example of how width and volume can help and hinder. Rode y 5'7" 21 2 9/16 grover in small dumpy beachbreak. Most of the waves closed out so the ticket was finding the small tweeners for the most part. Groveler allowed me to get in early and get speed early so I could make the section and get a little hit or floater on the closeout. Less volume, that wouldn't have been as possible.

A couple of sets came to me with what appeared to be a corner, probably in the chest high range. It concentrated on the shallow bar and really pitched. Board hung up, and I barely caught the wave almost blowing the drop. A proper shortboard with less volume would have slid me in easier and I would have handled it better.

While I understand the need for similar volume grovelers in certain situations I still believe that for true groveling you need more volume. Several shapers including very famous ones have told me the exact same thing.
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Design Forum
08/20/19 01:39 PM
The CI tech fins being smaller actually makes a lot of sense.
I had bought a pair from the CI shop in Costa Rica and was severely under finned.
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Design Forum
08/20/19 12:34 PM
It’s a mistake for sure (the dims and outline you can also easily tell that it’s a daily driver type board)
Took mine out at 6ft Angourie, and its wasn’t close to maxing out yet.

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08/20/19 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by hal9000
Originally Posted by grapedrink
Using violence against civilians to push a political agenda is the definition of terrorism. Antifa fits that bill. As do the violent far right groups.

so we're all in agreement here. shitheads are shitheads, regardless of political affiliation.

You, me, and most others are in agreement.

But there are many who believe that one side is virtuous and the other is not depending on whether they agree with the respective group's said tenets
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 10:52 AM
Boy is that the truth. The main cam people use where I live is pointing at a break that is often good but for the run of waves we had a couple of weeks back that place would look knee high. Meanwhile about a 1/4 of a mile away it would be stomach to chest high.
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08/20/19 09:29 AM
Not our problem
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08/20/19 09:27 AM
Welcome to 5 years ago
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08/20/19 09:22 AM
It is impossible to do this. Every single one of those voters made their own decisions. This is just TDS MUH RUSHA coming from the other side

I'm glad you all can finally see how dumb it is
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08/20/19 09:00 AM
so he had 1/2B in the bank and offed himself.

is there a morale to his immorality?
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08/20/19 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by Duffy
Originally Posted by hal9000

Just kidding.

It was seized in Philadelphia, at a legal port of entry. Just like 95% of the drugs that enter the U.S.

Yes, 95% of drugs seized are seized where all the enforcement is. Shocking.

It’s the unseized drugs that are the issue. do they decide where to put enforcement resources?
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08/20/19 08:22 AM
[Linked Image]
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 07:20 AM
Yelp shut it down.
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 06:40 AM
Went on a surf trip 18 years ago.............................and im still on it!!!!!!!!!
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Design Forum
08/20/19 06:15 AM
Finally some waves over waist high, yewww. Quality was not amazing but I managed to find a few open faces to work with.

Rode the 6'8" Album Townsend Twin. Board felt really good and like a solid choice for the conditions.

My fall surf senses are tingling, can't wait.
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Travel Forum
08/20/19 05:16 AM
Telos is a good pick many surf options but increasingly more $$$

lagundri is a crap shoot w crowds - but you can surf all day on all tides
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Foil Surfing
08/20/19 04:55 AM
Originally Posted by Steamroller
do the cows bother you when you walk through the pasture?...

also have you tried the GL210?....its super lifty amd will fly forever but has way too much lift for surfing anything over 1 curious to know if youre winded after 4 for 1s on th GL180

Yea the cows bug bigtime. Asking me to stop for selfies, asking what it is I'm riding, etc... I may just paddle back next time.

Yes, tried the 210 and would prefer that, but I only have the 180 proto. I rode the 210 in chest hi and it was buttah. I'd recommend it.

Winded on 4 for 1's anytime regardless on which wing and my weight.

The hand kite/kite wing explosion is about to happen. Get on board cause it's gonna open up the prone world to unlimited access to all kine spots.
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 04:35 AM
From Huxley ~ The Doors/The Tibetan Book of the Dead:
"... the departed soul is described as shrinking in agony from the Clear Light of the Void, and even from the lesser, tempered Lights, in order to rush headlong into the comforting darkness of self-hood as a reborn human being, or even as a beast, an unhappy ghost, a denizen of hell. Anything rather than the burning brightness of unmitigated Reality - anything!"
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