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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 09:58 PM
Refinancing as we speak. By eliminating that pesky PMI and getting a low rate on a 20 year loan I will shave 6 years off my loan and save like $300k. monthly payment only going up $150 lol. And my home has gained about $160k in perceived value in 4 years. My fha pmi 3% down payment home buy is working out thus far.
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08/22/19 09:54 PM
U know U liked it,

W as FecalFace inthe box/?

[dik in a White rubber glove poke [
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 09:47 PM
Originally Posted by rice
Originally Posted by Duffy
I’m going to make him piss his pants and cry.

Hopefully he’ll need therapy when we’re done. rockin

With our son, it's the opposite.

Last week in SB County....

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

I jumped off that very same rock a few weeks ago. My wife was pissed.
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08/22/19 09:45 PM
This is what happens when you use assault rifles and mass shootings as your poster child for gun control. All shootings via rifle might only amount to ~4% of the total, and only some of those are from mass shootings.
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 09:40 PM
Real Monterey, with real Mexicans, real slurs, real winter sets in the background. One of my top 5 old movies, "One Eyed Jacks." Brando stars, and directs. He stopped the filming until the sets came in. kind of like Brando, and Malden are surfers without surfboards, (ha).
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 09:36 PM
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by Sharkbiscuit
Originally Posted by the janitor
Originally Posted by Sharkbiscuit
Originally Posted by the janitor
Originally Posted by Sharkbiscuit

Don't worry, home values will never decrease, so you'll always be able to refi and never be a default risk, and it's not like people would have a COUNTRYWIDE incentive to walk away from underwater assets costing them interest, so we can use this 2x actually affordable loan as the basis for all kinds of margin gambling. What could go wrong?

Not sure I follow, could you put that in Lehman's terms?

If we have a Bear market, there could be Stearn consequences.

If it gets that bad I hope Washington has some sort of Mutual aid package that'll Chase any consequences away

Agreed. Some called for heads to roll but I don't think it Merrills, I mean merits, a Lynch mob.

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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 09:00 PM
Originally Posted by feralseppo
Probably 1989, drove down Baja past Guerro Negro and out to the tip of the little peninsula where Isla Natividad sits. Took my buddy's station wagon, got stuck in the sand at Bahia Tortugas. A bunch of drunk Mexicans came running over and pushed us out. Hired a fishing boat to take us to Isla Natividad. Totally skunked. Micro surf, super windy, hot. To boot, one of my friends some how got into a scrap with some of the kids on the island and they started hurling rocks at us. A peace treaty was made with some nudie mags. Fun trip anyways because it was Baja.

I'm still hellbent on a solo mission down there, one of these days. Despite the fact I always imagine the trip turning out something like that.
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08/22/19 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by grapedrink
Provocateurs =/= anyone with a POV that's not in line with the far left.

Brett Weinstein, Christina Hoff Summers, and James Damore are not provocateurs or fascists, although all of them have drawn the wrath of Antifa.

I don't know much about what those three did to draw antifa's ire (other than that that Damore letter was the height of right wing victim culture nincompoopery and riding that wave to a career as a right wing "thinker" seems to be pretty much the definition of being a provocateur to me) but I suppose I'll take your word for it.

All I know is there are A LOT of people who outspokenly do not toe a far left line on cultural issues that have no problems speaking in public.
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08/22/19 08:43 PM
Originally Posted by mundus
Trump is getting more and more batshit by the day and it is spreading to his rubes.

He's losing his shit after that Fox News poll showing him at only 39% against everyone
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Surfer Classifieds
08/22/19 08:38 PM
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08/22/19 08:34 PM
No. I pretty much don't do podcasts. This has been going on for a long time now. A very long time.
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08/22/19 08:24 PM
Originally Posted by Coat Hanger

Wrong Thide of Hithtory. roflmao
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 08:07 PM
Have you guys never eaten dolphin carcass? facelick
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08/22/19 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by grapedrink
Originally Posted by Kento
Is there anything Brazilians do that isn't a scourge on the rest of humanity?

Being home to hot sexi womens confused2 facelick

Point taken.
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 07:42 PM
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 07:41 PM
Trials on YouTube (8.5 hrs)

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Design Forum
08/22/19 07:39 PM
it depends on wave shape too. too curvey n flat entree boar getz caught up in lip
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Design Forum
08/22/19 07:37 PM
Originally Posted by silentbutdeadly
My fuse is ready. 10 weeks on the nose for those that are waiting.

dont blow it sbd!
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08/22/19 07:27 PM
Originally Posted by Duffy
Originally Posted by test_article
As much as I enjoyed my wines, whiskeys and binge beering with friends, alcohol was giving me heart disease. Several years alcohol sober now (no AA, no delirium tremens), my ejection fraction has normalized.

Muhammad drank (peace be upon him). See you soon.

I had no withdrawals when I stopped, other than clarity....which wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I’d much rather be a drinker.

Yeah, and the standard toast is 'to your health'.

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Surfer Classifieds
08/22/19 07:08 PM
Suprised that heart and wings Pavel fish is still around, that board is insane.
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Design Forum
08/22/19 06:54 PM
Anybody remember that's how normal sand only boards used to look pre-2000's. "

The fine sands you get today and even better ones were created on the North Shore in the 80's
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Surfer Discussion
08/22/19 06:45 PM
Pineapple Express headed your way in Sept.
San Diego 1st
Then northbound
You got the same #?

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Design Forum
08/22/19 06:43 PM
for reference, I'm 5'6" and 160 lbs., started with a 5'6 microlight ASQ then got a newer one at 5'5, I'd guess its 32 litres, plenty of float for me, paddles great and I pretty much get into anything, and its very cruisy but there's tons of speed if you need it
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08/22/19 06:37 PM
[Linked Image]
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