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08/20/19 12:25 PM
Originally Posted by Duffy
Originally Posted by 1whoknows
Hung out in San Jose. Now in Marina Del Rey. I know y’all are by and large white folks posting here, as am I, but, let me tell ya, this ain’t a white country anymore, if it ever was. I know it’s hard, he’ll, it’s hard for me, but if you can’t get used to brown people talkin different than you, eating different than you, walking different than you.... you’re ducked. Sorry. It’s different now. (Actually, marina del Rey is pretty white).

Ah, now I see one of the reasons why you are the way you are. You grew up with and only associate with white people. If you had any non-whites in your schools growing up you likely avoided them, looked down upon them. Maybe you try sometimes to “help” them because you see yourself as a better, as a person who’s superiority (as a white man) has placed you in the position to be able to help your lesser man. But you fail to realize that need of help isn’t based on skin color.

To this day you see non-whites as “others”, as not part of the same society you are in. You notice an increase in non-whites and fret about things “changing”.

6 months ago my neighbor 3 doors over were white. Then non-whites moved in. Guess what? Nothing has changed except the names. The neighborhood is the same as before. Nobody cares.

Brown people are weird to you, hard for you to listen to and that bothers you. What bothers you even more is the fact that it bothers you so you project your own racist thoughts and feelings onto to others in an attempt to relieve yourself of the guilt.

It’s pretty sad that you’re like this but this post has bee very illustrative of your mindset.

Thanks for sharing.

Are you describing Fecal? It's spot on.
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Design Forum
08/20/19 12:23 PM
mate that s actually what it says on the pyzel oz site ...
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Design Forum
08/20/19 12:21 PM
Wish Futures had the Mick Fanning template.

Probably the best fin I've ever ridden.
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 12:10 PM
Originally Posted by silentbutdeadly
Not that I'm happy with the whole situation but what's the alternative? More sprawl?


Originally Posted by GDaddy
If they were going to increase density the next logical step would have been directly to the east of Downtown in the Golden Hill/Logan Heights area just east of Interestate/5.

Originally Posted by silentbutdeadly
Seems like more people that complain about how crowded it's getting aren't even from here.

Complaining about it getting crowded is a nationwide thing.

This is not about crowded, it's about lack of foresight.

Same stuff happening in cities everywhere.

Botched zoning density combined with botched public transportation and road projects.

Most people don't read the newspaper so they don't really know what's going on - hence, no complaints.

Everyone will live someplace, it's your responsibility to be engaged.

All cities get more and more crowded, it just has to be dealt with in a logical way.
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08/20/19 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by hal9000
Originally Posted by grapedrink
Using violence against civilians to push a political agenda is the definition of terrorism. Antifa fits that bill. As do the violent far right groups.

so we're all in agreement here. shitheads are shitheads, regardless of political affiliation.

You, me, and most others are in agreement.

But there are many who believe that one side is virtuous and the other is not depending on whether they agree with the respective group's said tenets
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08/20/19 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by Duffy
Originally Posted by FecalFace
Originally Posted by Duffy
Originally Posted by manbearpig
Your reasoning is like saying a murder victim who bled out and died on way to hospital that they died because they had blood instead of by being shot. But I appreciate how in-depth the reasoning is.


Garner wasn’t murdered.

Everyone has blood and when they lose it, everyone dies. Bleeding out from a gunshot wound is nothing at all like having an asthma attack from over exertion, made worse by obesity, high blood pressure and an enlarged heart.

Very very few people would die from what happened to Garner.

His death was much more an accident than a murder.

Fat shaming dead people, nice.

Accident would be if he tripped and fell on his face.

When somebody's choking you, that's not an accident. By any sane definition.

If a cop is too stupid to take into consideration that people they're choking may have asthma, they don't deserve to be cops.

Fat shaming? He was obese. That’s not shaming, that’s just what he was.

I’m glad the cop got fired but can you tell if someone has asthma just by looking at them? I can’t.


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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 10:52 AM
Boy is that the truth. The main cam people use where I live is pointing at a break that is often good but for the run of waves we had a couple of weeks back that place would look knee high. Meanwhile about a 1/4 of a mile away it would be stomach to chest high.
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08/20/19 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by hal9000
Originally Posted by 1whoknows
Originally Posted by grapedrink

Says the guy who has mentioned the proud bois at least in 1000 times, on a near daily basis for a few years now, often in completely unrelated threads. Analogous to Surfdog with global warming. I'm sure if we were to do a count, your proud boy mentions would outnumber my Antifa mentions by at least 20x. Guaranteed

No. For what it’s worth, you often mention Antifa, probably more than hal mentions Proud Boys. Fecal brings up the Proud Boys often. Your obsession with Antifa is something you have never explained

I don't mention Proud Boys all that much really. They're not usually on my radar.

Yet you created a thread about them on a subject that's been discussed for years.
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08/20/19 09:29 AM
Not our problem
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08/20/19 09:27 AM
Welcome to 5 years ago
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08/20/19 09:22 AM
It is impossible to do this. Every single one of those voters made their own decisions. This is just TDS MUH RUSHA coming from the other side

I'm glad you all can finally see how dumb it is
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08/20/19 09:00 AM
so he had 1/2B in the bank and offed himself.

is there a morale to his immorality?
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08/20/19 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by Duffy
Originally Posted by hal9000

Just kidding.

It was seized in Philadelphia, at a legal port of entry. Just like 95% of the drugs that enter the U.S.

Yes, 95% of drugs seized are seized where all the enforcement is. Shocking.

It’s the unseized drugs that are the issue. do they decide where to put enforcement resources?
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08/20/19 08:22 AM
[Linked Image]
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 08:02 AM
Every turn exactly the same. Over and over and over. Two pumps off the bottom, same turn.


That music makes it even worse.

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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 07:20 AM
Yelp shut it down.
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 06:40 AM
Went on a surf trip 18 years ago.............................and im still on it!!!!!!!!!
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Design Forum
08/20/19 06:15 AM
Finally some waves over waist high, yewww. Quality was not amazing but I managed to find a few open faces to work with.

Rode the 6'8" Album Townsend Twin. Board felt really good and like a solid choice for the conditions.

My fall surf senses are tingling, can't wait.
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Travel Forum
08/20/19 05:16 AM
Telos is a good pick many surf options but increasingly more $$$

lagundri is a crap shoot w crowds - but you can surf all day on all tides
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Design Forum
08/20/19 05:04 AM
I find that people focus too much on whether or not a groveler will help them PADDLE INTO weak waves and that gets them thinking they need more volume. I tend to be more worried about glide and being able to keep speed up AFTER I've caught the wave when the swell gets small and soft so that I can still have fun making maneuvers and stuff. I guess I take the wave catching part for granted because any wave that breaks (and is worth riding), can be caught using your normal volume if you aren't trying to get in too early or catch it at the wrong place.

Once you are up and riding, volume isn't doing much for you. It's mostly about planning and that's where width and rocker come into play. So I can definitely understand someone who prefers riding grovelers at the same volume but wider compared to their daily driver.

If you really just care about paddling into waves, you should be going longer. That will increase the volume as a side effect. But if you prefer the feel of a shortboard, the added length on a groveler will probably not feel ideal.

Having said that, I think it's best to play around and surf boards of many shapes and volumes and figure out how to make each one work. It just seems like more fun that obsessing over how you are going to eventually find the perfect dimension in a magic stick.
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Foil Surfing
08/20/19 04:55 AM
Originally Posted by Steamroller
do the cows bother you when you walk through the pasture?...

also have you tried the GL210?....its super lifty amd will fly forever but has way too much lift for surfing anything over 1 curious to know if youre winded after 4 for 1s on th GL180

Yea the cows bug bigtime. Asking me to stop for selfies, asking what it is I'm riding, etc... I may just paddle back next time.

Yes, tried the 210 and would prefer that, but I only have the 180 proto. I rode the 210 in chest hi and it was buttah. I'd recommend it.

Winded on 4 for 1's anytime regardless on which wing and my weight.

The hand kite/kite wing explosion is about to happen. Get on board cause it's gonna open up the prone world to unlimited access to all kine spots.
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 04:35 AM
From Huxley ~ The Doors/The Tibetan Book of the Dead:
"... the departed soul is described as shrinking in agony from the Clear Light of the Void, and even from the lesser, tempered Lights, in order to rush headlong into the comforting darkness of self-hood as a reborn human being, or even as a beast, an unhappy ghost, a denizen of hell. Anything rather than the burning brightness of unmitigated Reality - anything!"
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 04:20 AM
I'm on long point breaks, surf a lot in the season.

I do Pavel Tsatoulines Grease the Groove.

not sore, keep strong from neural adaptation and a volume tailored to how much surfing I'm doing.

Basically dead lifts and Turkish get ups or chin ups and Swiss ball push-ups or jack knifes. Swing the kettlebell for conditioning if there is no surf. No gym, do it from home with simple gear.

strengthening the lower half definitely improves surfing. Most people do weak turns because their legs and core are weak.
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08/20/19 03:36 AM
Genuine question: suppose a recession happens. Markets crash. Layoffs. Etc. retirement savings, 401ks halved, if not wiped out. Home values plummet.

And trump and his team show no capability or aptitude to steer the country through it.

Will the people on this board still support trump?
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Surfer Discussion
08/20/19 03:28 AM
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