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07/20/19 10:08 PM
Originally Posted by ifallalot


Take off the REEEEEE and that is the perfect mission statement for the City of Irvine.
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Design Forum
07/20/19 10:06 PM
Originally Posted by casa_mugrienta
Originally Posted by Havoc4k
freak or astrodek faast n flat padz yoz

That astrodeck pad is huge.

i got your huge!
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07/20/19 10:06 PM
I know a lot of lawyers. They run the gamut. I do have to admit though that the third most Trump Deranged person I know is a successful lawyer from San Diego.
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Surf Doc
07/20/19 10:05 PM
Follow up question also for SurfDoc (or others):

Is it possible that this could have been triggered by gout? Previous days I overdid it a little on beer, wine, food, etc. and probably not staying hydrated enough. I had kidney stones last year and last time I had a physical, I think my uric acid count was a little high. shrug
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07/20/19 10:03 PM
"Some people did something."
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07/20/19 10:03 PM
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07/20/19 10:02 PM
It’s amusing that the guy shrugging off rape allegations is worried about traffic violations. Could you imagine if one woman let alone. Multiple women accused President Obama of sexual assault?
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07/20/19 10:02 PM
Originally Posted by Bohter
Can’t we all just talk about the moon landing hoax...?

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07/20/19 09:59 PM
I’ve been working on some surfing techniques...

Maybe I’ll try that some day.

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07/20/19 09:58 PM
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Surfer Discussion
07/20/19 09:57 PM
ya dunno why he'z dunking jody foster. 100 people out ouch. they couldve just shared the wave. mats r so fast and can ride further out on the shoulder. didn't know jody foster was a pro
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Surfer Discussion
07/20/19 09:56 PM
felipe looks weak and flicky on a boar thatz 2 short. kolohe and jordy are surfing at such high levels and with more power.

italian ferrari may be the darkhorse
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Design Forum
07/20/19 09:52 PM
Originally Posted by The_El
Originally Posted by Havoc4k
Originally Posted by retodd
Originally Posted by jkb
Originally Posted by Havoc4k
Best sesh in a year for me. Brand new 6’6” parmy stubb vector is best boar in my quiver. Fast n loose 80’z truster feel love it! Couple carves, snaps, and a nice frontside reo to end my sesh. So stocked broz!

Did you mean to type 6'6" confused2

I mean, at some point it can't really be called a stubb anymore, right?

Probably more appropriate to call it a 6'6" parmy crutch vector......for old men.


Crutch vector lololololol

haha. 6'6 is short compared to the 7-12" funboars out there.

that being said, i'm moving down to a 6'0 yewwwwww

sooo does that mean you getting rid of the 6'6? pokestick

i do not sell any of my parmy's. they all get ridden on different occasions and sometimes with webbed gloves and/or a paddle.
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Surfer Discussion
07/20/19 09:49 PM
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07/20/19 09:18 PM
The veracity of the story will prove itself out. We might as well wait for the dust to settle before making any more assumptions.

After all, we've come to the understanding that we can't always trust what we read from any of these media outlets.
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Surfer Classifieds
07/20/19 08:58 PM
roflmao cheers

I would’ve really considered it if it was an inch less wide
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07/20/19 08:28 PM
Except for the fact that the FBI actively investigates right-wing militias, abortionist extremists, and white supremacists, and lists those ideologies as a form of domestic terrorism

I'm sure they have their own internal list of groups, but the FBI probably does not publish it for obvious reasons.

The FBI was also actively investigating the white nationalists involved in Charlottesville:
"Federal investigators in Los Angeles were tracking the men before they were charged last fall with conspiracy to riot for attacking counterprotesters in Virginia and across California. "

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Surfer Discussion
07/20/19 08:26 PM
Originally Posted by b.r.

no, i'm pacing myself sergeant


well-placed BM reference

+100 cheers
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Surfer Discussion
07/20/19 08:13 PM
Do you still believe the earth is flat?
Same debunked videos yet again. Let's do some research FE style. Watch You tube videos.
Look at all the photos from other space agencies that clearly show the items left, the tracks made by the multiple trips to the moon by man. counter.
And yet the majority of FE'rs are christians that are part of the biggest mind control cult ever foisted on humanity.
Don't believe man went to the moon but believe a God created everything in 7 days...right down to the millions of insects and stuck humans at the top of the heap...and yet we die within 60-80 yrs on average. The icing on the cake of this incredulous story is that if we are naughty we are burnt in hellfire for the rest of eternity.
Right on...!
Wake up...!
How's the ice wall looking today?
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Surfer Discussion
07/20/19 08:05 PM
The study found that the same held true for parents who consumed alcohol
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07/20/19 07:22 PM
Originally Posted by hal9000
Why can't your morons just permit yourself to say one positive thing about someone or something?

She's amazing. Just admit it. Maybe she's not at her prime but she's still incredible.

You didn't start that thread ya dummy. You started a thread asking if people could score a single point against her. Sorry the thread didn't work out like you'd hoped. Next time start a Serena Williams is amazing thread over in the foil boarding forum.
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07/20/19 07:09 PM
Originally Posted by Kento
So that's where Lindsay Graham goes to church.

roflmao applause2 roflmao
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Design Forum
07/20/19 07:05 PM
I think you should go for it Aruka.

Album has been around for a while and has mostly positive feedback. Never going to be able to please everyone.

Looks like a board you could have fun messing around on.
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07/20/19 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by ifallalot
Originally Posted by grapedrink
Big government Stateists won the day. That's never a good thing for the people.

Would millions of people losing their health insurance overnight be good for the people confused2
Also, John McCain and the rest congress swore an oath to act in the interest of the people, not their party trout

They break that oath daily

Don't fall for that bullshit

Of course they do. However that is where their loyalty should lie, in theory.
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Surfer Classifieds
07/20/19 04:50 PM
Where are you located can you send me pics?
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