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Surfer Discussion
04/26/19 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by mundus
Man do I hate Medina, but the guy is clearly the best right now,

best competitor, JJ way bigger talent
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Design Forum
04/26/19 07:36 AM
i call him Stu but it takes the art out of his name
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Surfer Discussion
04/26/19 07:24 AM
Tailgate a nice touch.

Best drivers drive:

1997-2001 Camry
Dodge Rams
Diesel trucks including the 7.3 Excursion unicorn
Classic cars

Worst drivers drive:

Mustangs (I secretly love however awful drivers & tools make mustangs not cool)
PT cruisers
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Surfer Discussion
04/26/19 07:09 AM
After an Encinitas sunset sesh about 10 years ago, found a Walden Magic Model. I would never pay for a Walden nevertheless stoked to try it, ridiculous dimensions. Anyways, no paper to write a note . So ended up writing contact info on a napkin then ghetto rigged to a fence using a shoelace. Looking back , can't believe that worked due to winds howlin . Sadly guy called me . Drove a convertible , dorky guy, all made sense with the Walden board. The dude couldn't believe it , gave me $10 to buy a beer.
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Surfer Discussion
04/26/19 06:56 AM
Pablo lived an epic life. So wild & free. The whole GX1000 crew bombing down sf hills legendary
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04/26/19 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by Norm'
Originally Posted by FecalFace
Originally Posted by Norm'
"actual damage it does to society."


I guess you don't go out much?

You're scared or you're not scared. Which is it?


Learn them. poke

Guns are not making America a better place.

And I'm not the one who's shitting pants over tyrannical government and that I NEED the gun because somebody will break into my house and I need to win the shootout.

That all you gun turds.

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Surfer Discussion
04/26/19 05:47 AM
Geez casa, you're pretty grumpy for a borderline-millennial mix GenXYer whatever the f you wanna label yourself. BTW, I'm the same age, and I do agree with the spectrum within the millennial years. I didn't have a phone until right when I graduated high school and rocked the flip-phone until 4 years ago. There was a pretty huge difference between my class and the class even a couple years younger.

I worked at Safeway for 10+ years, so I had to put on that service routine that they wanted you to do with all customers. Greet them, take them to items instead of just pointing or giving directions, offering samples (I worked in produce), etc. But you could always gauge when people didn't want to have conversation based on their response to "Hi, how are you?" So if they didn't wanna talk, I wouldn't say another word. It actually was a nice social atmosphere for the most part. I made some friends with the regulars, even scored some dates if I saw the same chicks enough to develop a rapport.

No longer working in retail, but understanding what people in that realm go through, I try to be cordial with everybody. It's really not that hard. Hell you might even make somebody's day better even if you fake it.
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Travel Forum
04/26/19 05:33 AM
Never been, but from what I've heard its mostly wickedly shallow coral slabs better suited for spongers. Good luck though.
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04/26/19 05:25 AM
holy crap

"Medina-Perez, a twice-deported illegal immigrant with a fugitive warrant for drunken driving in Pennsylvania, had been in Joseph's courtroom in order to be arraigned on drug charges, the Boston Globe previously reported...

Medina-Perez’s freedom was short-lived. He was arrested a month later after the court hearing and again let go, this time by an immigration judge who freed him on bond, the Boston Globe reported. That case is currently pending, officials said. The 38-year-old native of the Dominican Republic had been previously deported in January 2003 and June 2007, ICE said. His real name is Oscar Manuel Peguero, although he goes by several aliases."

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04/26/19 05:17 AM
it is sirfun's playground now
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04/26/19 05:12 AM
There was plenty of crying after Hitler was “elected.”
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04/26/19 05:04 AM
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Surfer Discussion
04/26/19 05:02 AM
Originally Posted by casa_mugrienta
Originally Posted by FecalFace
Metro foreheadslap roflmao

Always amazes me to see all the garbage tabloids that you spend time reading.

Paints a good picture of who you are and the obscure shit you get outraged about.

hah "Boats to be given gender neutral names"

First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Alan West said the move was ‘just absolutely stupid’ (Picture: PA)
[Linked Image]


Metro article is more insightful though.

You're just pissy because your carnival intellectual/freakshow ilk doesn't like their idiocy publicized.

But you don't read BBC.

You read garbage tabloids.

9/10 links you post here are the National Enquierer level trash.
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Design Forum
04/26/19 04:54 AM
Evo in XTR 5'5" x 19 5/8" x 2 1/2" (31.0L). Total impulse buy on a stock board they had on sale when I went by XTR last month and now I can't get off it. Such a great design to go back to, although the Cymatic has been my fav board the past year when waves are good.
Also been messing around on a 5'9" Mandala ASQ in weak waves- with its wide/full nose, it feels about 2-3" too big for me (180 lbs.), making it perfect for groveling or when I'm lazy and just want to cruise. Catches anything and flies through flat spots.
[Linked Image]
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Surfer Classifieds
04/26/19 04:21 AM
I hear ya. Sometimes you don’t mess with what works for you. If all else fails though, you may find that a PU or an epoxy is even better!
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04/26/19 03:48 AM
Originally Posted by Autoprax
Kill the public servants!

Derp State Soshulists!
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Design Forum
04/26/19 03:30 AM
So, that 5'2" x 19 3/4" x 2 3/8" Modern Fish... What size surfer would this ideally be suited for? like 160 lbs? or smaller?
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Surfer Discussion
04/26/19 03:24 AM

Surf Billabong THE FREE WAY
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04/26/19 03:14 AM
I just saw that episode fkn delicious seeing Joffrey die

I'm rewatching from the start and I forgot how fkn awful he was
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04/26/19 03:10 AM
that is such fkn bullshit

nurses are mudders
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04/26/19 02:52 AM
Originally Posted by cdes
Remember when everyone lost their ish over LED light bulbs phasing out ones that burn out after a few months? Good times.

Not sure if you are talking about LEDs or compact florescents confused2 CFLs replaced incandescents, which were later replaced by LEDs. The push to phase out CFLs for environmental reasons was completely idiotic, considering that you aren't supposed to throw away florescent lights and have to go out of your way to dispose of them foreheadslap
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Foil Surfing
04/26/19 02:29 AM
Originally Posted by Kaser1
My 2nd session with the back foot strap. Getting better at getting my foot in with some adjustments. Still a work in progress as I'd like to get to a point of just slipping foot in without having to make 2 or 3 attempts and wasting some of the wave. But the air results are worth it. The best ramps are on the pump out going straight at the wave.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

Nice, you don't get hurt doing this ? I'm so afraid of getting an injury...
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Foil Surfing
04/26/19 02:27 AM
Originally Posted by Hdip
I go out of the country for a little bit and everyone forget's to post new content. smile

Here's some info on the new Axis high aspect wing. I wanted to figure out the pricing.

440 Rear Wing Box $841
900 Front Wing $495
75cm Mast $108
Total $1444 before tax

I heard it is really good.
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04/26/19 02:25 AM
Originally Posted by ifallalot
Originally Posted by hal9000
I was away for a few days, can someone catch me up?



Or maybe I went on a road trip with my wife and kids. You should look into a road trip some time.
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04/26/19 12:59 AM
Oh, oh, I'm in!

Pure comedy!
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