Ok, so this board has already been reviewed quite a bit on this bb (see ShShSh's posts and the various others like Doug90210, Djelem etc.) I'll stick to the new board review format and keep it short

Username: Havoc
Real Name: The Man
Height/Weight: 160-165 lbs
Age: 34 (holy moly, I was 24 just yesterday! )
Experience: 20+ yrs, started standing on a boogie at age 12 never looked back since
Skill Level: Itermediate Intermediate. Hero to Zero and back in the same session, often on the same wave...
Board: 5'11x19.5x2.5 Zamora Hp fish in poly construction pu/pe w/ bamboo 101 lb1/lb4's

The Review:
I bought this board off of Doug here on the bb a few months ago (thanks man!) and wanted to see what all the hype was about... Seller agreed on a killer price if I posted a review. I was planning a review anyways so good go.

I always loved the clean lines on this board but was initially kinda put off from the multi-page train wreck on said board by another poster complaining about it. But seeing how cool of a shaper Ian was by how calm and cool he was on the whole thread (Ian offered to shape him a replacement and the guy bought the darn board used, incredibly cool and way beyond anything he should ever do.)

Ok, so board initially came with pro-core lb1/lb4's placed on the shapers dots... I was out at a so-cal beachbreak and brought 2 boards, a Hynson Twinzer and the hp fish. Waves started about knee to chest and kept building so for my second session, decided to give the hp fish a go... easy paddle, paddles as good as any of my dialers and twinzer.

First wave, head high left, I take 2 strokes and the board already picks up the wave, I drop in real easy, crank off the bottom and schwack!, drop back down and schwack again, pump pump, one more schwack and then a rail-sliding floater at the end... as I'm paddling out I'm in complete disbelief, did I just do that??? Darn board went everywhere I wanted it to and pulled off all the moves I wanted to. Rest of session, all the others on shortboards stayed away from me (good sign I'm either surfing super good or bad , this case, super good for once) and the rest of the waves I caught that session were very similar, even a backside hack where I felt the fins come out the top of the wave... one of the best session that year up to that point

Subsequent sessions went along the same lines and I was flying down the line faster than anyone out on a thruster... yesterday was the best session I've had in like 6+ months and it was b/c of the speed and maneuverability I had on this board. I caught the best wave in the past year during yesterdays sesh, I took off on a head-high bomb, pump 3 times hard down the line going mach 10, came off the bottom and schwack! pump once more, get to the shoulder and pull the best cutback I've ever done in my life!!! like a long backside carve down a mountain on a snowboard in fresh powder, I just redirected smooth and high on the face all the way to the pocket w/ same speed as I went into the turn, slid the tail out, reecovered, kept on down the line, pumped twice and smacked the inside section... All this in front of my Bro and my Best Friend Dudes, didn't even think it was me... then started hooted as they saw me paddling back out. Rest of the session I was surfing the best I have since my early twenties... made every wave when others kept getting shut down, the down the line speed is intoxicating, like a speed-dialer, except you can snap in the pocket and flick the board around like a thruster. This board surfs very neutral (wide point is centered) so you drive off of your front foot and turn off your back. I have my pad way back, even behind the leash plug (cut out some of the pad), and the board just goes...

Only drawbacks of the board are
1. leash plug centered. I haven't stepped on my leash so much before, hp fishies gotta have those bad boys offset to the pins
2. waves waist high and above, I don't want to be on anything else... (that's not a drawback ha ha)

In fact, the last 2 months had me going crazy b/c I was dying for another sesh on the board... anything with some push and this is my go to board....

Many props to: The artist formerly known as ShShSh (Sh3) for giving me some great input and helping me dial in the fin set-up, Doug, Ian Zamora, Scott Bass, Marlin (101 fins), and Steven Spielberg (that one couldn't hurt right )

Also, high flying shakas to all the ripping young schrapers out there riding shorties and fishies in this day and age...

Latly, I can't say enough good things about the new generation of young shapers: Ian, DK, Thompson etc. they are taking these boards to a whole new level. Shaka!


P.S. Shortly after my second sesh, I ordered another hp fish from Ian in eps-resin-x w/ jet-tail in dims 5'10x19-5/8x2.5 as more of a groveller but along the same lines. Should be getting that bad boy real soon!

P.S.S Thank you surfer bb, I haven't gotten a single board that didn't go off from everyone's rec's since I've registered!






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