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#2684457 - 09/13/17 01:40 AM turf toe
rolling Offline
Legend (inyourownmind)

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doctor says surfers get this a lot. takes forever to heal. anyone have pain in their toe joint?

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#2684473 - 09/13/17 04:45 AM Re: turf toe [Re: rolling]
surfflexx Offline
Nep status

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yeah, your doctor is right it takes a while to heal. maybe good time to practice surfing switch stance.

#2685073 - 09/14/17 03:16 PM Re: turf toe [Re: surfflexx]
surf cat Offline
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I had my kook kord rap around my big toe just before I got dusted off three years ago... It feels like my toe bone separated at the joint and my toe is just dangling, held on by the skin.
Is there a name for it ? A cure for it ? And is any hope to ever feel 'normal again'?
daily wavester

#2685077 - 09/14/17 03:25 PM Re: turf toe [Re: rolling]
sd_101 Offline
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gotten this from bad popup form while logging over a summer, oddly enough. took months to get better. I think it finally took a long lull in the waves for me to stop surfing on it and finally let it heal.

turf toe is one of the more annoying injuries because it's so easy to reaggravate it.

#2685100 - 09/14/17 05:31 PM Re: turf toe [Re: rolling]
john4surf Offline
Phil Edwards status

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A few years back I had a nuclear bone scan, the dr wanted to see if a cancerous tumor on my prostate had spread before surgery. After the scan I asked the technician how I looked. She told me that's for my doctors to discuss not her but, she winked and said the only thing I'd be concerned about is the arthritis on the base of my large right toe where it meets the foot! Somewhat relieved, I thanked her and told her I had lousy pop-up form over my lifetime of surfing, i.e., I always seemed to drag my right foot with that 'nuckle' in contact with the board. From the late 1950s until my 65th turned the 'sore toe' into arthritis. A dab of Voltaren Gel on the nuckle and I'm good to go!

#2701846 - 10/24/17 12:53 PM Re: turf toe [Re: rolling]
SurfDoc Offline
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I used to get turf toe. I never surf without proper foot gear even in warm water. No more toe problems. Plus with good aqua socks or boots no need for much wax as the grip is great! Get a grip!
Surf Doc
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