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#322209 - 09/01/04 01:23 AM Re: chafin from board shorts [Re: WetWork999]
graboardsurf Offline

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Loc: oahu
It could be alot of things causing your rashes. make sure your boardshorts are new and not 10 years old or something. Also, if you have an older board that could be a problem too. When I surf my old school 6'4" rather than my 6'0, I get rash way faster. I can surf for hours without getting any rash on the 6'0. Also, check to see if there's maybe too much wax too far out on your rails.

#2637151 - 05/11/17 11:32 AM Re: chafin from board shorts [Re: dkboards]
JessieJ Offline

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I like to use a chafing powder added early on before I start surfing. Normally before I get into the car to go to the beach, I dust a little on for pretty much any activity. I am a hiker too because a lot of the best surfing spot where I'm from require a little hiking to get too. Anyways, This stuff works well whether your in the water or on land as long as your aren't sweating already and the product has completely been absorbed into your skin. don't put this on right before you go into the water. It will wash right off. If you have any type of chafing or skin irritation problem, I recommend you going to this site. Originally, I used this product for my thigh gap problem because my legs would rub together during surfing and hiking. Now, I just use it as a standard for any activity that requires a lot of moving. I don't trust other products. I used to use Gold Bond afterwards too, but this works better in my opinion. smile I hope this can help.

#2637509 - 05/11/17 08:33 PM Re: chafin from board shorts [Re: dkboards]
J_D_J Offline
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These things work really good for me when wearing boardshorts:

#2637582 - 05/11/17 11:44 PM Re: chafin from board shorts [Re: J_D_J]
silentbutdeadly Offline
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Just did 14 sessions in 7 days. Rub aquaphor on inner thighs before going out. Keep wax off rails. No rash at all.

And I have sissy sensitive skin.

Wore lycra shorts for a spot we surf where we had to walk a mile each way to get to the spot. This was in sweating balls hot weather too.

May too centayvos
"It might be less suited for talking about to the other washed out doughbros in the parkinglot, but it will serve you well in the water" NS

#2637980 - 05/12/17 03:53 PM Re: chafin from board shorts [Re: joemamamia]
Sharkbiscuit Offline
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Originally Posted By: joemamamia
I saw an ad a few months ago in Surfer about some board shorts that are made with smooth seams on the inside. I can't seem to locate it right now, anyone know what brand this might be?

Probably a couple; most recently I've had the Fanning Mirage, which I like.

#2639371 - 05/16/17 12:50 AM Re: chafin from board shorts [Re: dkboards]
tedshred Offline
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This stuff is awesome. Same idea as vaseline or Aquaphor but not as slippery, stays on longer, and antibiotic as well.

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#2641240 - 05/19/17 04:44 AM Re: chafin from board shorts [Re: dkboards]
tuckerwash Offline

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Low profile seams might help. Try a brand that uses welded seams:
interior cover stitch:

#2642216 - 05/21/17 02:53 PM Re: chafin from board shorts [Re: dkboards]
CloseOutBs Offline

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#2643924 - 05/25/17 04:44 PM Re: chafin from board shorts [Re: dkboards]
tora54 Offline
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Selling two pair of elephant no rash compression under boardshorts.

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