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#2613099 - 03/06/17 11:14 AM Re: essential travel gear [Re: PPK96754]
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PPK- I share your love of gear and preparedness:

water filter. ..... I use a camelback UV filter; will kill viruses yours won't. consider a change.

50 feet of Paracord = multi use. Got it.

Mark-a-Lot Black Tipped Pen; go idea

Multi - Tool AND a knife. Like a Mora.have a letterman and spyderco pacific salt with never-rust blade, use in or out of the water....

Mosquito net ; not on this trip but have one.

Need to keep your stuff dry on your trip?

Sea to Summit Dry Bags - PERFECT!! use the patagonia waterproof bag as a dry bag ( it is subermsible) and the s2s bag inside for wet gear.

Gold Bond Powder ... essential

Dr. Bonners Liquid Soap ..... this sounds good.

Get a Good ... Headlamp, - black diamond storm; flashlight; surefire E2B

Antibiotics: always travel with Cipro, Bactrim, Flagyl and doxy. cipro +Bactrim will tx skin infections (MRSA) cipro +flagyl will treat GI, cipro alone will treat ear; doxy for the funky stuff and even pneumonia. no alcohol on flagyl unless you don't like yourself.

Aleve ... for pain reliever and fever reducer ....ditto.

Hope that You have a good, safe trip!! --thanks!!

#2613344 - 03/06/17 10:41 PM Re: essential travel gear [Re: VaB]
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#2613349 - 03/06/17 10:51 PM Re: essential travel gear [Re: VaB]
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You guys are getting me all psyched up to go on an adventure. cheers

Might have been mentioned already (or too obvious?), but pool noodles in the board bag is a nice trick. Slice them length wise and they make great rail guards and perfect low impact surf racks (with paracord) for the rental car when you get there. Plus they can be used as a pillow/cushion in a pinch and still work in the pool! beer

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#2613403 - 03/07/17 12:24 AM Re: essential travel gear [Re: VaB]
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Body Glide is good for anti-chafing - be sure not to buy the red one like I did and spread it all over your buttcheeks, thighs and nuts

For waterproofing, line your entire pack with a Z-Paks liner and categorize stuff in different colored sea to summit bags (first aid, toiletries, cooking stuff, lights/batteries/electronics etc). - these people make quality, durable lightweight shite

I used to bring a PLB on solo trips but bring one any time in BFE. If someone breaks a leg or gets bitten by a snake miles from reception... -

A couple windproof lighters, stormproof matches and a fire starter.

Down jacket folds into itself works well as a pillow.

Iodine tabs or steri pen in case your sawyer bag gets a hole in it or pops. I bring an extra sawyer bag so nothing's floating in the drinking water.

Sometimes, you gotta wipe, your azz - A small package of baby wipes goes a long way, and a mini bottle of hand sanitizer.

Zero cotton clothing.

If it's a trip close to facilities, what El O said. Backpack with minimum essentials and a toothbrush.

#2613648 - 03/07/17 02:22 PM Re: essential travel gear [Re: Iceman]
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Originally Posted By: Iceman
Chocolate/candies for flight attendants. Take care of the people taking care of you. Sometimes you get an extra bottle of wine, or two.

So I was actually in Sydney on a layover when I posted this. On my Qantas flight to SFO a couple hours later, I had two bags of chocolates which I gave to the flight attendant serving my section. Ended up hooking me up with a bottle (a real one, not the mini size) of champagne AND a bottle of white wine. After landing and walking off the plane, the head flight attendant manager, who I had seen on my flight to SYD a month earlier, handed me an additional bottle of red wine.

Granted it doesn't always work out this nice, but sometimes it pays off huge!

One more thing that helped on this trip, the phone app called Mobile Passport. It only works at specific airports/airlines, but if it works out, you can download your passport info to the app and have the customs questionnaire filled out instead of doing the paper copy. When you get to customs, there is a special line specifically for people with the app. It'll get you through in an instant instead of waiting in line with everybody else.
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#2613963 - 03/08/17 10:45 AM Re: essential travel gear [Re: VaB]
acnjusa Offline
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my experience is that they always like the "latest" in boards, accessories, or electronics.

#2613978 - 03/08/17 11:32 AM Re: essential travel gear [Re: acnjusa]
grapedrink Offline
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Originally Posted By: acnjusa
my experience is that they always like the "latest" in boards, accessories, or electronics.

Who is they confused2
You forgot it was STOLEN?!

#2615721 - 03/14/17 01:15 AM Re: essential travel gear [Re: VaB]
alicet Offline

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I always make sure to take a medical kit, kindle and sun screen along.
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#2618135 - 03/20/17 04:25 PM Re: essential travel gear [Re: _____]
crotchgrab Offline
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Originally Posted By: _____

Zero cotton clothing.

I may have to disagree with you guys on this. -I used to work as an expedition outfitter for a few years-
It may seem counter intuitive but if we're talking hot, humid tropics then cotton is actually the PREFERRED material. Why? It will get wet. It will then help to continually cool your body and aid the evaporation effect. But this if for people doing serious backcountry expiditions who need to keep body temperature low.

#2639981 - 05/17/17 06:15 AM Re: essential travel gear [Re: VaB]
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Get a parachute hammock

F#ck ISIS!

#2666142 - 07/25/17 11:51 PM Re: essential travel gear [Re: VaB]
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1. Copies of your personal certificate, just in case. 2. transportation and accommodation receipts, I guess people usually make reservation online, but its better to print a receipt in case your phone is out of power. 3. mosquito repellent 4. Ear plug, eye patch, neck pillow if you dont sleep well. 5. Vacuum receive bag, it will save a lot space when packing. 6. Few plastic bag 7. Write important phone number in a paper, especially embassys address and contact. 8. Watch, so you dont have to watch your phone frequently, its safe and power saving. 9. Universal plug adapter, 10. chocolate, to replenish energy all the time.

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