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#2586059 - 12/29/16 09:12 AM Re: Shoulder surgery [Re: john4surf]
GromsDad Offline
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Originally Posted By: john4surf
Did you get the shoulder looked at by a specialist? Doing anything to mitigate the pain, if so can you elaborate? How's it doing?

Just living with it. Its eased up a little bit. Did a surf trip in early November and scored overhead to double overhead surf for 8 days. The lack of paddling strength in my right arm and the soreness after the first two days really limited my enjoyment of some epic conditions the rest of the trip.

Certain motions or working on something above my head will trigger it and then it will hurt for days. Unfortunately paddling a surfboard is one of those triggers. Since I haven't surfed much in the past 6 weeks since my trip and haven't done anything else to aggravate it its been ok.
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#2586947 - 12/31/16 08:11 PM Re: Shoulder surgery [Re: GromsDad]
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Here buddy!

For all the entreating posts!
"I thought it would just be cool to meet a legendary erBB poster and surf."

#2592419 - 01/14/17 02:41 PM Re: Shoulder surgery [Re: GromsDad]
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good luck GromsDad !! )

heal well brother !! )
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#2594396 - 01/19/17 05:08 PM Re: Shoulder surgery [Re: GromsDad]
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Remember, if reaching overhead don't reach behind the plane of your ear. Work in front of your face, and make sure your palms are rotated inwards as much as possible.
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